TFW 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes ain’t cutting it

Behold, the latest in Tech marketing:

04 Day – 4/04/2019

Join the 404 Takeover! Show your support for Coach Geoff Collins and Georgia Tech football by participating in 404 Day.

Click Here for More Information

Fans who make a $404 donation to Georgia Tech football on 404 Day (Thursday, April 4), beginning at 8 a.m., will receive:

an exclusive adidas Georgia Tech “404” hat (as worn by Coach Collins during practice this week!)


an exclusive adidas Georgia Tech backpack

Supplies are very limited — ACT EARLY to receive your exclusive 404 hat and backpack before they’re all gone!

The first $100,000 raised will be matched by the generosity of an anonymous donor.

All funds raised on 404 Day will be allocated for technology upgrades for the football program.

What, no Waffle House?  Maybe they’re saving that for the next promo.  Although I’ve got to admit a football promotion for the purpose of a technology upgrade is so Georgia Tech.

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30 responses to “TFW 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes ain’t cutting it

  1. LakeOconeeDawg

    They really need it seeing as they were hacked!
    You cant make this stuff up……


    • Salty Dawg

      So, they “immediately corrected the impacted application.” Translation: they forgot to click on the little box that prevented hacking.


  2. Dawg1

    They think it’s a cool area codey type thingy, but leave it to Tech to do a technology upgrade using a “404 error” campaign!

    The 404, the very definition of Tech Football — can’t find it:

    “404 message is a standard response code, to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.”

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  3. SpellDawg

    404 is also the “Page Not Found” http error code, that’s hilarious. How many tech students do you figure will look at that hat and wonder why there’s an error code on it?


  4. 92 grad

    Haha, one would think that there’s enough stuff lying around in some electronics lab to repurpose.


  5. Uglydawg

    It should read 4th? Oh, 4th
    In honor of Reggie.


  6. Russ

    Maybe they can figure out how to avoid releasing personal information on all their students.


  7. Tybee Dawg

    For $96 more ($500 for those math geniuses) you can get the same promo items without the GT and 404 insignia. Much better deal!!!


  8. Muttley

    After this season, they’ll have to offer four hookers and some coke. And admission will be canned goods. And they’ll still draw less than G-Day.


  9. JCDawg83

    How is Geoff going to handle it when the nerd faithful wake up and realize how stupid trying to build a college football program’s brand around an area code where your in state rival has more fans and recruits better and a 24 hour budget restaurant chain is? I thought the “Brace for Impact” campaign at tech was the worst marketing idea ever but I was wrong.


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    You know, I think GT is taking this 404 thing just a bit too far. But hey, more power to them, and let them keep going with such nonsense based on a freaking telephone area code.

    I have some additional 404 related ideas for tech:

    Thr first GT QB to pass for 404 or more yards next year gets a free lap dance at The Cheetah
    Any GT female coed who weighs under 404 lbs get to play TE or WR (your choice)

    -If you can assist in reducing the current 404 NCAA violations against Pastner and the GT bball program, you’ll get a free ‘Next man up!’ T-shirt signed by OL coach Brent Key

    -Confiscste or buy back 404 guns from in/around the GT campus; get VIP treatment for the home game against UGA next year (includes 50 yard line suite, free food, and a UGA hoddie)

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  11. BulldogGemes

    We put GA on our hats because we run this state

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  12. The Georgia Way

    We are proud to announce that the first 420 fans to arrive at Sanford Stadium on 420 Day (Saturday, April 20) will receive the following:

    The Georgia student-athlete experience – exclusive access to the Georgia locker room for the final 2019 spring scrimmage while authorities perform a warranted search of your home, workplace, and vehicles.


    A post-game townie tour of chronic town complete with drunken frat bros and sorostitutes challenging your manhood and/or womanhood while UGA performs an extensive background check of your driving status, history, and unpaid parking tickets.


    An early morning bonding representative’s ‘springtime’ tour of the Athens-Clarke County correctional facility while the results of your personal 420 day are posted on the internet.

    Rest assured, all fines, bail, and towing charges raised on 420 Day will be #COMMITTEDTOTHEG and credited as points toward your 2020 season ticket and Magill Society goals.

    Remember to ARRIVE EARLY five hours before gametime but not TOO early or your vehicle will be towed.


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  13. etdf

    I think its dumb because its tech. However, it is pretty textbook brand development and fundraising. At least they have a plan.


  14. Redhotchilidawg

    I would say we could repurpose these when we beat them 40-4 in November, but that would require us taking a knee in the end zone twice late in the game. And I would admittedly be disappointed if we only dropped 40 on them.


  15. Hunkering Hank

    Should have gone with the country code for China.


  16. CB

    404 error
    Page Not found

    This can and should become a meme real quick.


  17. PTC DAWG

    Any pub for GT is good pub…they appreciate your support.


  18. Whiskeydawg

    404 Winning not found


  19. Bulldog Joe

    On Saturday, both 4/04 donors will receive an invitation to an honors breakfast at the Conyers West Avenue Waffle House and be automatically eligible to become Coach Josh Pastner’s wingman on the next basketball recruiting trip.


  20. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Supplies are very limited — ACT EARLY to receive your exclusive 404 hat and backpack before they’re all gone!

    It’s at least 50-50 that they won’t run out.