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Of all the wide receivers Smart’s got, he’s certainly one of them.

I know we have high hopes for Demetris Robertson this season, but Kirby’s not exactly going out of his way to fan the flames.

“I think he’s more comfortable with the offense. He’s played the F, which puts him in the slot. He plays outside, he understands our offense better and he’s also getting more opportunities. To be honest, there’s not three guys out there, really not even that when you add Jayson Stanley and Ahkil Crumpton, so he’s getting pushed to the forefront.”

I hear more excitement there for what’s coming in August than I do about Robertson, to be honest.  Here’s hoping Smart is slow playing our expectations.



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TFW your team is going 2-10 this season

I’m just gonna leave these out there for you.

The latter was posted by one of his kids, so at least The Hat’s got that going for him.


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Two minor thoughts about the A-Day scrimmage

The only two takeaways I have from Alabama’s spring game is (1) it’s a good thing the Tagovailoa brothers’ names aren’t any longer, because there’s no more room left on their jerseys and (2) Nick Saban’s crankiness is already in mid-season form.

The latter may be explained by this…

… or it may just be he’s Nick Saban and that’s how he rolls.


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Maybe it wasn’t the coaching after all.

Hold on with the Justin Fields for Heisman campaign ($$).

Of Fields’ 131 passing yards, 98 came on a touchdown pass to Binjimen Victor. Fields flashed his quickness and athleticism on a few zone reads, one of which went for a 5-yard touchdown. Other than that, there were a lot of batted balls, hesitation on throws, overthrows and everything else you’d expect from a sophomore who is going through his first spring at Ohio State.

The TD pass came against the third-string defense.

Because Fields was a former five-star prospect ranked higher than any recruit signed by Ohio State in the modern era of recruiting (since 2001), the expectation was that Fields was going to “save” a program that just lost one of the best quarterbacks to ever wear a Buckeyes uniform. Fields was supposed to walk into Columbus, get his NCAA hardship waiver approved and waltz into the season primed to break records. This was supposed to be a seamless transition.

That still may be the case. After leaving Georgia, Fields did come to Ohio State and earn immediate eligibility, but this spring was a reminder that he’s a sophomore with limited playing experience (he threw 39 passes last season for the Bulldogs).

Just a reminder that Fields was 18-of-33 passing for 207 yards with a TD in last year’s G-Day game.

Fields has a rocket arm and oozes athleticism, but he clearly was worried about throwing interceptions and he was off the mark quite a bit.

That’s the sound of massive expectations being adjusted.  Maybe even Fields’.

“I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface,” Fields said. “If I had to grade myself out today, it would be like a C-plus. I am very hard on myself. I am kind of a perfectionist. I definitely see myself as having a bright future. … I know I can do better. I’ve done better in practice and of course there’s always room to improve. So I’m just going to go to work.”

C+ wouldn’t be enough to unseat Fromm, but with a wide-open field at Ohio State, maybe it will be enough there.


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