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I was supposed to go to practice, but then I got high.

And then…

At this rate, Kirby’s gonna be a real master of the art of internal discipline by the time the season rolls around.


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So much for that option

Turns out that start-a-new-pro-league shit is hard, man.

Bad news for Spurdog (although he no longer has a conflict with Masters week!).  Good news for the NCAA.


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Tomorrow, in future scheduling

Just around the corner…

UPDATE:  Per Seth ($$), there may be one more big piece of news coming.

There should be another big series announced soon: Georgia is deep in talks with Oklahoma about a home-and-home series, The Athletic has learned. Georgia was seeking a Big 12 opponent and Oklahoma, which Georgia played in the memorable 2018 Rose Bowl, has an open spot in 2023.

Oh, and let me add one more thing from Seth’s piece.

This is all part of a push by Smart and Georgia’s football office, the belief being that bold scheduling will be a plus in the era of the College Football Playoff. They also believe that in an era of dwindling attendance for weaker opponents, Georgia fans will respond well to strong home-and-home agreements.  [Emphasis added.]

Amen to that.  Whenever Kirby decides he’s tired of coaching, he’s got my vote to be Georgia’s athletic director.


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Today, in Dawg porn

Weiszer brings it.

The right side of Georgia’s offensive line at the end of the second week of spring practices provided exhibit A of the enviable position the Bulldogs should have in the trenches this season.

Ben Cleveland, a 6-foot-6, 335-pound redshirt junior who started games each of the past two seasons, manned the right guard position. Cade Mays, a 6-6, 318-pound sophomore with seven starts last season, worked the right tackle spot.

They were with the Bulldogs second-string unit.

Yes, talent is overflowing from recruiting wins the last few years. On this day, a pair of former five-star recruits were ahead of Cleveland and Mays: 6-4, 325-pound sophomore Jamaree Salyer had nudged his way to No. 1 right guard and 6-7, 340-pound Isaiah Wilson remained as the starting right tackle…

If you are keeping track at home, the Bulldogs offensive line this spring boasts four players that were rated five-star recruits by the 247Sports Composite: Wilson, Salyer, Mays and freshman center Clay Webb.

I either need a cigarette or a cold shower now.


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Your latest streaming service roundup

This one’s at Awful Announcing and looks at what the author calls the major players:  DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and PlayStation Vue.

Read through it all, as everyone has different needs, but I’ll just say as someone who never watches the NFL that she’s spot on with this:

Sports-wise, YouTube TV is the best bang for your buck for the basic sports channels, and the unlimited DVR storage, for $40 a month.

After having cycled through several of the others (thanks for the free trial periods and month to month contracts, fellas!), I’ve been very happy with YTTV.  What say you guys?


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The model of a modern SEC cornerback

This is what a lockdown corner looks like.

I’ve seen some chatter out there about Georgia’s secondary being even better in the wake of Baker’s departure, and while anything’s possible, those are some mighty big shoes to fill.  I like what Eric Stokes brings to the table, but two straight seasons without getting beat in the endzone?  Let’s see it.


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You don’t always get what you want.

This Red & Black piece comparing Demetris Robertson and Lawrence Cager is a good reminder of the old saying that, as the article puts it, “(p)ast performances aren’t always accurate indicators of future performance.”

Cager being a contributor this season would certainly be a boon, but after a year of getting acclimated to the program it’s time for Robertson to step up, too.  Expectations are nice, but they don’t win you any games.


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