Another one of those April-ish posts

Over at Dawgs247, Jake Rowe takes a stab at projecting an offensive depth chart, based on practice observations and (I presume) background chatter.  I’m not going to say there are a huge number of surprises there, but my advanced degree in internet tea leaf reading leads me to a couple of observations.

One, Demetris Robertson, despite the positive words we’ve heard about him from Smart this spring, hasn’t climbed to a number one spot in the rotation at either slot or flanker.  Whether that’s due to not yet having a complete mastery of the playbook or (more likely) not being a robust enough blocker, I can’t say.  I’m sure it’s a fluid situation, though, and as his work ethic continues to garner praise, it’s certainly not unlikely this could change.

Two, I continue to marvel at the concept of Clay Webb, runt of the offensive line litter.  How many programs have the luxury of bringing a talent like his along at their leisure?

Your thoughts?


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26 responses to “Another one of those April-ish posts

  1. D-Rob feels as though he’s going to be the player fans most want to succeed, yet will probably not amount to much in UGAs system.


    • stoopnagle

      My thinking is along these lines. I add that at some point he’ll get on the field – like after Jacksonville or something – and will be so good at being a receiver that we’ll be shocked he didn’t get more PT. I feel like he’s going to leave here and we’ll have not gotten anything close to what he can be out of him over “blocking”.


      • James Stephenson

        You will not get to play in the pros long if you do not block though. So he best learn now.


      • Russ

        I agree, Stoop. The guy has talent and needs to see the field. As someone mentioned yesterday, he can take someone out of the play by dragging a defender down field just as easy as blocking him down field. I’m also wondering why he doesn’t get consideration as a returner.


        • Macallanlover

          Good points. I feel he will contribute, just not to the degree many expected. With the two return positions wide open, and a priority for Kirby, you can bet there is a reason for a guy with his explosiveness hasn’t been mentioned much besides just assuming Blaylock will be the answer. This is what spring practices are all about.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Not trashing DRob or even assuming he isn’t a good blocker, but I wonder if Kirby uses the blocking mantra as a cudgel against prima donnas, which many WRs seem to be. One would think you want the best receiver playing, with good blocking being icing on the cake.

        I thought it was insane reading complaints about Gurley’s blocking. The guy was an offensive juggernaut from day 1.

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  2. Derek

    The number 1 player in Alabama is a “work in progress.”

    Hopefully, the number 2 player in Alabama is ready to go in the summer.

    (Alabama, we drink you’re milkshake!!

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  3. Greg

    Thinks Pittman’s biggest problem is keeping all of the OL happy. Never seen this much quality depth…or just depth. Hell, the 2nd and 3rd teamers would be 1st team on most all of our past teams. Kudos to Pittman…..give the man what he wants, just keep him happy.

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  4. CB

    I can’t read enough about the battle at both guard spots, particularly on the right side between Mays, Cleveland and Salyer. I’m pulling for my fellow Stephens County Indian, Big Ben, but idk if he’s going to be able to hold off two young five stars.


    • Derek

      Me too. Not sure Ben has quick enough feet.

      Big and strong for sure but Im not sure he’s that quick punch.


      • CB

        He’s come a long way from his high pad level in high school, but that injury really set him back. Georgia’s strength program seems to have really worked out a lot of his stiffness. I just can’t move past the way he handled Derek Brown in the 2017 SECCG, plus I hate to see upperclassmen who would definitely be starting at other major programs get passed over. But just like the McBride situation it’s a great problem to have.


  5. My thoughts on D-Rob are that I am not expecting much from him at this point. I was hopeful like the rest, but this kid might have issues. What else can explain such a talent playing backup? I don’t know, maybe his brother should shop him around again before his eligibility – and the fan buzz- runs out.


  6. Chadwick

    I just don’t know about the OL. We have unbelievable talent there, but do we have a good scheme? I’m not talking about in games against the programs where they have a huge physical advantage….I’m thinking against teams that match us with great DL play, specifically Alabama and LSU. Does Pittman ever trap or pull? I don’t remember seeing them do that often, or even at all. Am I missing something?


  7. Paul

    Unless your Kirby or a assistant have no idea what the situation is with players and there current position in the rotation .Writers are to provacate and conjure there person asses we all have one.


  8. Classic City Canine

    Senator, the forced redirect ads have made the site nearly unusable on my mobile Android. This is the only place that happens. I remember you posted a protocol for dealing with that. Any chance you can re-post that?


  9. Atticus

    We asked a Clemson guy if Justyn Ross was a good blocker. He said, “like we care if the dude can block or not…”