Not bad, considering

The official announced attendance count was 52,630, which seemed a tad generous, although folks continued coming in after kickoff.  I’d put the crowd over 40k, which, given the weather, ain’t half bad.

As the head man put it,


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11 responses to “Not bad, considering

  1. I thought the crowd was good for the circumstances … rain, cold, Easter weekend. A LOT of students went home. I was able to get a spot in the lot at Creswell with no problem.

    If the weather had cooperated, I expect there would have been 70k+.


  2. Greg

    Thinks most decided to stay home and watch the girl’s softball game (UGA/TN).

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    SEC Network was showing the Oprah Network in my Casa on Comcast…WTF?


  4. bulldogbry

    YOU’RE gonna wreak havoc…and YOU’RE gonna wreak havoc………..EVERYBODY’S GONNA WREAK HAVOOOOC!!!!


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Weather aside, it was poor planning to hold G-Day on Easter weekend.

    Seems to me that they appealed to a niche (though admittedly, well-heeled) crowd by going around a golf tournament.


    • The Dawg abides

      Yeah, I’ve never bought the argument that the Masters takes away a huge chunk of people that would otherwise attend G-day. I would estimate it to be a couple of thousand at the most. And if you’d rather stay home and watch golf on tv that Saturday, then you probably didn’t really want to go fight the crowd in Athens for a spring game anyway.


      • Macallanlover

        Respectfully disagree on both points. As said before, the Masters is so much more than “a golf tournament”, even more so in the state of Georgia. You have many options to avoid the obvious conflict, why would you ever go head-to-head with it? Didn’t make any sense when we did so, and wouldn’t make any sense to do so again. If I had a planning manager who missed the logic of that in scheduling an event, he/she would be looking for another job. The attendance fall off was the crummy weather, imo, and understandably so. I will say that watching that silly ass broadcast yesterday and all the attention to media “officials”, I may never watch, or attend, another GDAy. Disappointed in Kirby for allowing that type of event, that will impact future attendance and viewership more than any other scheduled activities. At least the softball game was an athletic event, not a carnival act.


  6. Cojones

    Stetson!, Stetson!, Stetson! ….. . ..and where is the QBR report? Not that much difference between first and second string and that ain’t bad at all.

    It was a fun Spring Game and the players had the most fun. Dawgs looked great for this time of year and I hope they continue through the summer until the newbies get here. Best of all was showing the pass game to the prospective WRs and TEs, including long throws by several QBs. Players looked like they were up to trying hard in front of an audience and even did each other a few favors along the way.

    Waiting to see Kirby entreat several players at the same position to look like shit in front of a recruit we want for that position in order that he would think no one is good enough to keep him off the field if he commits.


  7. Bulldawg Bill

    “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and unleash the Dawgs of war!!!”