Desperate times call for desperate portal measures

Lovie Smith’s roster shuffle at Illinois should make for an interesting controlled experiment into how quickly a program rebuild can go via the transfer portal.

On the surface, it makes more sense than loading up a recruiting class with Juco players.  Plus, you can always go back to the well once you figure out what works best.

We hear the most from coaches complaining about losing talent, but this is the other side of the coin and it’ll be worth watching to see how things shake out across the college football landscape as everyone works their way through the changes — including players and the NCAA.



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9 responses to “Desperate times call for desperate portal measures

  1. Prediction – Mullen is proving to be a mediocre recruiter, that he’ll actually hold 3 or so scholarships each year to see who he can poach out of the portal.

    If I were a Vandy, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Colorado, Ole Miss – it is exactly what I would do.

    And while I do not see UF in that category, I do see UF missing out on targets they will hold out for – so why take a lower 3Star in that player’s place – when a disgruntled 4Star may make himself available.

    Heck, if I’m Georgia and happy with what I have coming in – I might hold on to 2 or 3 myself. The difference being that I can pick and chose within the players that comes available, or just hold the scholarship and give to a well deserving walk-on in his final year and use the scholarship next year.


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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, the portal is just another form of recruiting. Great recruiters like Kirby will use it effectively. We’ve seen Kirby pick up gems with transfers like Mo Smith, Nizialek, DRob, etc. Lousy recruiters will end up with leftovers and malcontents.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’d also add that a coach/school needs to make sure players added through the portal get immediately qualified to play. tOSU wasn’t taking any chances with Fields – they pushed every button and made it clear to the ncaa that sitting Fields out a year wasn’t an option. Whereas Lovie Smith seems to be getting the ncaa ‘treatment’ – at least when it comes to Luke Ford. I fail to see a significant difference between the Ford and Fields transfers, and why one is allowed to play while the other isn’t. My advice to Lovie is to make life hell for the ncaa until they relent and allow Ford to play. tOSU apparently didn’t mind playing the race card. As an African American coach, turnabout would be fair play for Lovie. Hate it, but we’re talking about the twisted logic of the ncaa.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    When Ford becomes eligible, will Lovie still be there?


  6. Macallanlover

    As messy and uncontrolled as the portal has become, it will be the saving grace for FU. Mullen has never been a good recruiter, just an unlikable, odd duck, and has nothing on his resume to say he can win anything after 10 years of mediocrity. But there are many more desperate players than attractive spots open, they will see the clock ticking and have to pick a school that may not be the best fit, or among their top choices. The last 3-4 months have been a disaster for the Gaytor program but they will be able to find a few nuggets available.. My guess is the losing side of the recruiting battles have far different feelings about the portal than those who succeed in HS recruiting for the top players. It will be scour the portal, or depend on JUCO players to fill in the gap; at least the JUCO guys have been playing football and have recent film. Many of the portal guys have been riding the pine the past 2-3 years.