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Too clever by half

Jeez, man.  This ain’t nearly as witty as you think it sounds.




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Life on the plantation

Screenshot_2019-06-11 The Other Matt Brown on Twitter

Screenshot_2019-06-11 The Other Matt Brown on Twitter(1)

Nineteen.  Forty-six.  At least the players were getting some money for selling their services back then.


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“This movement of student-athlete freedom has gone too far to turn back now.”

Count Tom Mars as someone who thinks the NCAA is going to get out of the transfer waiver business soon by adopting a “a one-time, no-questions-asked transfer” process.

“The absence of any logic in penalizing student-athletes becomes even more apparent when one considers the freedom that other college students have to transfer without penalty,” Mars said. “After all, there’s no rule that requires a college violinist with a scholarship to be barred from playing in any concerts for a year following their transfer to another school. What’s more, when a student-musician transfers, you never hear anyone say ‘by giving you a scholarship, we paid for you to stay here until you graduate.’”

Ah, logic.  I forgot, this is the NCAA we’re dealing with.

Seriously, this makes too much sense not to adopt — even for the NCAA.  At least I think it does.


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When the header’s so good, you don’t care about the details.

As the old saying goes, all the rest is commentary.

Have a great day, Dan.


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