When the header’s so good, you don’t care about the details.

As the old saying goes, all the rest is commentary.

Have a great day, Dan.



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48 responses to “When the header’s so good, you don’t care about the details.

  1. 81Dog

    Anyone decommit from Florida today?😀


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Mullen’s/Hevesy’s OL recruiting might be worse than ours during the CMR days. They’ve resorted to signing mostly fat, 3 star types who will need several years of work just to have any impact at all. On the other side of the ball, their DL will be in dire straights starting next year (possibly this year if injuries occur), as Grantham has only signed 1 DL the last two recruiting cycles.

    It’s going to be a thing of beauty to watch our OL manhandle their LBs, err, DL, while also viewing our DL utterly destroy their OL. Think Hawaii in the ’08 Sugar Bowl.

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  3. Greg63

    My favorite post from a UG board.

    “Mullen should have never talked shit about Kirby and UGA. They might have spared some decent players”


    • Greg63

      UF board. Not UG.


    • Reading that thread gave me a big smile. Some jort-wearing idiot made a comment that Pittman was a good recruiter but not a good coach (another said he had never heard of Pittman before UGA). Another was guaranteeing a victory in Jax this year. Multiple were talking about dropping bags.

      A very entertaining 5-minute read …


  4. Derek

    Who else thinks that there’s a chance we get both Milton and Evans, in part, because of the OL we’re building?

    I think it might happen.


    • J.G.

      Word is, Gurley’s coming to Athens this weekend to meet Milton during his OV. At the very least, he Skypes in. I think we get one of the two, hopefully Evans, but Dell and Kirby want Milton, so we probably get him.


    • Macallanlover

      Seems unlikely, but the chance to run behind the OL we will have, and spare the body by sharing with another top talent certainly makes it possible. The chemistry and unselfish nature of what Chubb/Sony had is rare to find on a team very often, we can only hope. FWIW, Milton would be a slight preference from what little I have seen and read. Odd choice for me as I usually don’t like RBs that tall, and am suspicious about grabbing California talent and relocating them so far from home (but I do like the way Milton and his family are approaching this.

      Just need to get at least one of them, otherwise we will be pretty dependent on Zeus being fully recovered and both Cook and McIntosh being just what we hoped they would be. Pretty surprised our RB spots haven’t been filled yet.


      • Cojones

        Zeus’s recovery; just what are the correct words describing his conditioning? Kirby says he cuts well now (and that was the criterion needed to say he’s healed) and will be playing beginning with Fall practice. After that, there are no public quotes forthcoming; mention of his riding the bike on the sideline. Has anyone heard different and that he is back to his former running style without any drop off? The longer the silence is palpable, the longer I am sure that there is something that no one wishes to discuss in public.

        Or is this just another way to keep someone under wraps until they touch the field this fall and after we have recruited next year’s RBs?


        • J.G.

          Don’t know, but read on Dawgnation Community–yeah, I know–that his straight-ahead speed is back but his side-to-side cuts are still a work in progress.


  5. Godawg

    Of course the Stingers are saying, “He’s not that good,” “We didn’t want/need him,” etc. 🙂

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    • That bunch of idiots still thinks they have this superior academic institution, that UGA is an “institution of lower learning,” and he’ll get a “Parks & Rec” degree. Didn’t ESPN show some Fech player that was majoring in Literature Studies or something like that during the game this year? What a bunch of inferiority complex losers.

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  6. Comin' Down The Track

    It dawned on me today that the main reason Kirby wants this game to go home-and-home is not recruiting as he likes to say, but so that he can leave his starters in and put 50 on them in the Bog.


  7. spur21

    Some of those guys over there are beyond help.

    “It doesn’t matter how good of a class Georgia puts together as long as Smart is the coach. Their best shot was 2 years ago when they had Michel and Chubb. Georgia barely won last year with Florida’s secondary decimated and Franks struggling before the light came on. Florida will beat Georgia this year. I think there will be a couple of changes to the staff after next season to help with recruiting.”


    • Uglydawg

      That’s classic, “Whistling as you walk past the cemetery” talk.


    • Biggus Rickus

      If they’ve adjusted their expectations down to the point that “barely” losing is hanging around into the fourth quarter before collapsing, then the series really has turned.


    • ChiliDawg

      To be fair, the few posters there that are in denial and posting stuff like that are getting swatted down by the others pretty quickly.


  8. ClydeBoogie

    Kirby’s got that thick oak paddle drawn back, standing on his trippy toes, paddle speed about 102 mph right square on Mullen’ s butt. He ain’t finished either! Kirby will take your manhood.


  9. Cojones

    Takes about 30 mins to read and reference all when you are laughing louder and louder. Towards the last posts, the mental image here is one that does it:

    Fl Tom 52: “Sorry for not reading 184 posts, but is Braun definitely verified? Need to know before I dive in my red neck pool with a 50 lb plate tied to my nuts.”, followed by next poster: “Please live stream it.”

    As old as I am, if I did that, I still would have my chin above water.

    Senator, the double hits on GT and FU certainly write themselves and the humor fodder for UGA fans makes for a pretty good sports bar conversation, especially if you steer the conversation to let an FU grad bring it up first.


    • artful codger

      If there are FU grads (or even fans) at my bar, they don’t volunteer as such.


      • Cojones

        Right. Same here, but if you bring up their latest sports victories(diving?) and string it out, they begin to chirp more and more. Make sure there are at least two talking before bringing up the subject. Just make a comment about Dan being a good coach and the number of victories they had last year – that’s what opens them up like a nest full of noisy Blue Jay babies waiting to be fed the straight lines. Of course there are some who will tell the others that you are just a “stirrer”, but there is always at least one who can’t resist a bloviated statement that keeps the ball rolling.

        It helps to have an FSU fan or two there since you can always state that Dan continues to brag about out-recruiting FSU.


  10. TrumpDawgUGA

    Coach Kirby (not just SMART by name) & The PittBoss’s (YESSSSIR!!!) beautiful Wall along Georgia’s Southern Border just got 6 feet 6 inches taller!


  11. towniedawg

    Man, that was some sweet reading… This was one of my favorites…

    Louisgator 1317
    16 hours ago
    I guess the good news is they can only have five of their stud Olineman on the field at the same time… Just sucks to think their entire second string is going to be rated higher than our first string

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  12. Doug

    What’s really eerie is how much the StingTalk and Alligator Alley posters are starting to sound like each other. Accusations of Georgia paying players, sour-grapesing over lost recruits, dismissing Kirby’s big wins . . . one guy on there even bragged about Florida’s academic superiority (cool story bro). We’ll know the transformation is complete when the UF posters start bragging on Alabama more than they do on their own team.

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