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Those guarantees aren’t going to pay themselves.

Holy Mother of Crap, this is getting out of control.

More than 13,000 tickets in Georgia’s allotment for its 2022 season-opening football game with Oregon in Mercedes-Benz Stadium are priced at $200 or more.

Georgia is obligated to sell 43,000 tickets for the Sept. 3, 2022 game in Atlanta, according to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game agreement.

The average ticket price is $160.74 with non-student tickets ranging from $125 for upper level seats to $300 for lower club and lower level suites.

I think I will be taking my game watching talents to my man cave, thank you very much.

Oh, by the way, this is ridiculous, too.

Georgia was allocated 30,000 tickets to play in the same game in 2020 against Virginia with more than 7,000 tickets priced at $200 or more.

I’ll be curious to see how the secondary market prices those seats.



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Is it wrong to gloat?

Breaking a blog rule here, for obvious reasons…

You know Kirby’s sitting somewhere with a shit-eating grin on his face.  Mullen?  Not so much…

I’m trying to remember when I’ve enjoyed an offseason as much as this one.


UPDATE:  “If you honestly dont think mullen is kirbys bitch u need to be sent to an insane asylum.”


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Beyond their control

UGASports asks Josh Brooks, Georgia’s Deputy Athletic Director for Operations,  the musical question “what challenge(s) do you encounter in trying to make Sanford Stadium the best possible experience for patrons?” and gets this reassuring response:

Not making an excuse, but the reality of it is we’re operating out of a stadium that broke ground in 1927, was first played in 1929, and is located in the heart of a college campus. As the stadium has been added onto over the years, logistical challenges have mounted up. For example, making all the concourses wider and adding more restrooms would fix a lot of problems; however, because of logistical constraints, we simply cannot do that. Still, we try in every way to make that experience at Sanford Stadium the best it can be—and it starts with how we treat the people in attendance.”

Ah, the old “not making an excuse” excuse.  Too bad you’re stuck with that old stadium, Dawg fans.  Still, think what you don’t get staying at home.

I think we need to primarily focus on what makes the stadium experience different than the home experience. Why try to match the home experience? You’ll never match a huge 70-inch TV in their face with replays, an announcer they can hear, and a fridge full of food. What makes the stadium experience better and different are the communal things. That’s why the band, the music, the cheers, and all are important. These are things fans don’t have access to or can’t get at home—only at the stadium. You’ll never replicate Sanford Stadium.”

That last sentence is both a blessing and a curse, and while I don’t doubt his sincerity when he says he cares, the problems with the restrooms and concessions aren’t going to magically disappear, especially in an era of rising contribution/ticket prices.  That fan-friendly cost/benefit ratio is a bitch.

All of which is my way of predicting that Brooks or his successor will one day be explaining to us why logistical challenges are behind Butts-Mehre’s decision to reduce stadium capacity.


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Dawgs in Hebrew

Cool shirt, boys.

Judging from the rack behind them, there are lots of football fans in Israel.


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Just pissin’ away money

Iowa’s athletic department has spent almost a million dollars on a no-bid basis with a guy to provide game-day video services because “Jim provides consistency for our department.”

It’s seeking new proposals now, so Jim’s obviously done a bang-up job.

Somehow these guys have convinced themselves they’re management geniuses.  In my next life, I’d like to come back as a P5 athletic director.


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“It would be awesome to be able to keep it that way in the third.”

In North Carolina, N.C. State is looking at using in-stadium beer and wine sales to end pass-outs.

Damn, I love a good pun.


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There’s always a daily Gator for you.

Random broadcast dude thinks Florida’s got a real chance against Georgia this year because Steve Spurrier always beat Ray Goff.

No, really.

Oh, yeah, there’s also Kirby Smart isn’t Nick Saban, so at least this guy has followed some football this decade.

I’m really looking forward to the Cocktail Party.


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Desperate times call for desperate portal measures

Lovie Smith’s roster shuffle at Illinois should make for an interesting controlled experiment into how quickly a program rebuild can go via the transfer portal.

On the surface, it makes more sense than loading up a recruiting class with Juco players.  Plus, you can always go back to the well once you figure out what works best.

We hear the most from coaches complaining about losing talent, but this is the other side of the coin and it’ll be worth watching to see how things shake out across the college football landscape as everyone works their way through the changes — including players and the NCAA.


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“I’m not coming here, are you sh****** me?”

Reader Walt sent me this beaut:

Before Stephen Garcia became a star for South Carolina, he was heavily recruited by Urban Meyer during his famous stint at Florida. In a recent interview, though, Garcia revealed some recruiting tactics from Meyer that really made him scratch his head.

In an interview with the Saturday Down South podcast via Swamp247, Garcia explained that Meyer made him and his friends feel a tad uncomfortable when they met in person. Garcia recalled a moment where he, Meyer, and his friends were sitting down together, and Meyer announced that he was going to say something that “may offend some people.”

“He’s sitting there talking and we’re just kind of chit-chatting and all the sudden he goes, ‘All right, Stephen, I’m going to say something right now and this may offend some people.’”

Garcia stated that he was worried Meyer was going to say something racial, but was just as surprised when Meyer bluntly told him to “stop being such a f****** p**** and just commit to Florida.”

“My brother’s old teammate was the only black guy in the room,” Garcia continued. “So I’m like, ‘What the hell is this guy about to say?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, Stephen, this is going to be offensive to some people.’ And I was like, ‘Oh God.’ I thought he was about to say some racial stuff or something.”

“He kind of just looks at me and he goes, ‘You’ve got to stop being such a f****** p**** and just commit to Florida,’” Garcia said, still seemingly in disbelief at the exchange.

We know how that turned out.  Too bad, that could have been the beginning of a beautiful relationship, as Corch was even more forgiving of bad behavior than Spurrier was.

Makes you wonder what kind of sales pitch Meyer used to close the deal with the GPOOE™ and his family.


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Musical palate cleanser, keep on truckin’ edition

How about some Little Feat this morning?  From their criminally ignored first album (back when they saw themselves as an American version of the Stones) comes one of my favorite Lowell George tunes, “Truck Stop Girl”.

They recorded “Willin” for the first album, too, but George’s hand was hurt, so they brought Ry Cooder in to handle slide guitar.  George really wanted to put his own stamp on the song, so they recorded it again for Sailin’ Shoes.


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