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Auburn needs a president the football team can be proud of.

Less than two weeks after Auburn University president Steven Leath had his ass handed to him by the board of trustees, he gone.

Steven Leath is leaving as Auburn University president, the university announced in a Friday night news release.

The decision was mutual between Leath and members of the board of trustees’ presidential assessment working group and came “after extensive discussions about the university’s leadership,” according to the release.

Yeah, I’ll bet it was mutual.  At least he leaves having signed off on that terrific Malzahn contract.  What a legacy!



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Finebaum is such a card.

Yeah, this is gonna cost ‘Bama big time.

Funny, man.

As far as Arkansas and Tennessee go, simply being in the bowl discussion would be a refreshing change of pace, so I don’t think they’ll mind if somebody brings it up.


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“As this is an ongoing inquiry, LSU will have no further comment at this time.”

The NCAA is all in on the church charity bag man.

The NCAA scrutiny of LSU has expanded to include the football program, as the school confirmed on Friday afternoon that it has been working with the NCAA about an “ongoing inquiry” into a six-figure payment to the father of a former player.

An LSU booster named John Paul Funes, who pleaded guilty to stealing more than a half-million dollars from a foundation where he worked as a fundraiser, paid $180,000 to a man that Yahoo Sports confirmed on Friday is the father of former Tigers star lineman Vadal Alexander…

An LSU spokesman said in a statement that LSU has been engaged with the NCAA about the “ongoing inquiry” regarding the scheme. LSU has known about the alleged payment since 2018, but the NCAA has been limited in its investigative ability as to not interfere with Funes’ case. (This is similar to why the NCAA has been slow to react in the wake of the federal basketball corruption scandals.)

The emergence of this information from a federal case comes at a vexing time for LSU, which was already under significant NCAA scrutiny for activity within its men’s basketball program.

Yes, I’m guessing LSU is sorely vexed about now.  Yahoo may have to come up with a stronger verb if the NCAA hammer comes down.  Hey, maybe LSU can use “it just means more” as a defense.


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