The 12th man

Ref throws a tremendous block to spring Tae Crowder loose for the touchdown.

And you thought the SEC office had it in for the Dawgs.


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27 responses to “The 12th man

  1. From TV, it sounded like we had a pretty good 12th man in the stands as well. Anyone posted a video of Light Up, Kneeland?

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  2. sectionzalum

    Glad to see Tae Crowder relive his high school glory days toting the rock! Not bad for a guy that was a sort of wild card recruit.


  3. gastr1

    Fumbles in Neyland that we pick and run for long defensive TDs are some of my favorite plays.

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  4. gastr1

    Also, I think the referees are still conferring as to whether there’s a targeting foul somewhere on this play.


    • Nate Dawg

      Haha..also does this make up for the ‘broke clock free timeout’ the hillbillies got after Herriens long run..?
      Amazing, as a friend pointed out, that clock Was good to go as soon as they got the ball back…(shakes head, rolls eyes)
      Silly hillbillies.


      • Salty Dawg

        I made a similar comment on another post. It’s suspicious to me that the clock goes out when we had the ball. It smacked of ND and their ‘injured’ player. What a bunch of shit. Urnge shit.


      • Biggen

        I commented the same thing to a friend. The clock breaks during our possession, but then “magically” begins to work again next series.


      • Doug

        Between the legendarily shitty turf and the mysteriously malfunctioning clock, it’s clear that Neyland Stadium is an outdated, unsafe facility. Needs to be imploded, yesterday.


  5. BMan

    After that shot on the QB, somewhere in the world, Colt Brennan had a very brief seizure.

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  6. LC Farmer

    Interesting how Crowder changes which arm he’s holding the ball a couple of times during the run – guess he’s reverting back to his RB training. First switched to the outside/left arm, then at the end of the run back to the right arm, but then quickly back to the left once Jennings bears down on him at the goal line.

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  7. Gurkha Dawg

    It seems like Crowder has been at UGA for 10 years. I’ll be sorry to see him go.

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  8. Stokes absolutely ran right through Maurer. Beautiful call, violently executed. Me likey.

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  9. Happy Dawg

    My favorite play of the game—beautiful on so many levels.
    Malik Herring was trailing Crowder and running stride for stride; the speed on this defense is off the charts


  10. practicaldawg

    I was happy to see the ref make up for the bizarre personal foul call on Landers and total lack of PI calls on our receivers.

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  11. Ozam

    Jennings was flying….. I like how Crowder ducked under his tackle on the goal line.

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  12. Russ

    I’m not sure if I enjoyed the TD or the ref getting plowed. Both were fun to watch especially after the ref’s derp show earlier.

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  13. RangerRuss

    The Dawgs need a few subtle Longest Yard type plays to adjust the attitudes of these incompetent/corrupt/biased referees. The sorry cunts have pissed me off.

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  14. Rusty

    Ref was too busy looking for a potential flag to throw to notice that train headed towards him.

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  15. Vidaliaway

    Ken Nugent you have a call on line 1.

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  16. Pedro

    Someone needs to send Matt launders personal foul call and wayna Morris lack of of call to the league office. Launders blocks get punched in the face and then wraps the guy up as he is attacked and gets called for a foul? Wanya goes helmet to helmet on devonte and it is a no call? I would like to see just one game where sec refs don’t screw us, hopefully a title or championship game.

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  17. 2675miller

    two things were impressive on that play. The speed of Stokes on the blitz and the speed of Jennings catching up to Crowder. I know Crowder has had a great season but if he is really that slow then it explains why our backers are exploited in coverage over and over again.

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  18. Bigshot

    Perhaps a makeup for that egregious call against Landers in the end zone.


  19. After all the crap calls that this white hat made against Georgia it is only fitting that he end up eating dirt. I absolutely loved it when they planted his ass onto the turf. Payback biatch.