We’re gonna need a bigger tub of popcorn.

Thank you, Ole Miss ($$).

Lane Kiffin is gunning for Nick Saban.

It’s been nearly three years since Saban unceremoniously fired Kiffin, his offensive coordinator, two days after Alabama beat Washington in the 2016 College Football Playoff semifinal at the Peach Bowl. Saban fired Kiffin a week before the national championship game. Kiffin was embarrassed. Kiffin was angry. Kiffin hasn’t forgotten.

That dismissal fueled Kiffin’s desire to return to the SEC and a burning passion to exact revenge on Saban, multiple people with knowledge of the matter told The Athletic. Now that he’s the head coach at Ole Miss, he sees the chance to do so.

Damn, I’ve missed that side of Junior.  (As a blogger, that is.)  Welcome back, sport.



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25 responses to “We’re gonna need a bigger tub of popcorn.

  1. Castleberry

    Yes. Also noteworthy is Mullen’s return trip to Oxford. The first time since he allegedly conspired to bring down Ole Miss. Wondering if somebody’s already circled 10/17 on Junior’s calendar.


  2. Bill Glennon

    What’s most pathetic is that Kiffin could’ve chosen from among the Mizzou, Arkansas or Ole Miss jobs.

    Is there any history, besides losing, that is disqualifying for an SEC head coaching gig? Bobby Petrino wants to know.


    • stoopnagle

      You just have to choose your parents wisely. This is, afterall, America.


    • Anonymous

      Is there any history, besides losing, that is disqualifying for an SEC head coaching gig?


      Is there any history, besides losing, that is disqualifying for an SEC WEST head coaching gig?



  3. Reverend Whitewall

    Ehhhhhh……so he’s trying to hire a bunch of current and former Tide coaches, exactly like we have done starting with Pruitt (and including trying to steal Cochran)? And he’s gonna try to recruit the same top players that Bama does, just like we do?

    And he’s chosen Ole Miss as his vehicle to exact revenge on Saban? Isn’t that kinda like taking your new Honda Accord and trying to beat somebody in race who is driving a Corvette? I’m sure there’s a big part of Kiffin that will relish if he ever beats Saban on the field, but I have a hard time buying that it’s all some master plan to exact revenge on Saban. Seems like this article may be trying to stir up something more than is really there.


    • Good analogy. Wouldn’t hurt me one bit if the Laner stole some good FL recruits from the Gators. One can dream can’t he?


    • Bill Glennon

      Ole Miss fans know he won’t beat Saban. They just need a coach to create the illusion he can stand up to Saban. It’s pro wrestling. They want to feel relevant, even though they know its all bullshit, and Kiffin is happy to be paid millions to oblige.

      Like Freeze, Kiffin will skulk out of town when the honey pot is empty and find a new AD in need of splash hire.


      • Tlkdawg

        “Ole Miss fans know he won’t beat Saban.”
        Could not disagree more with this statement. My mom grew up in Miss and still have family there and they fully believe Laner will lead them to the promised land. All they’ve ever needed was the right coach (Freeze was close, just didn’t understand how to cover his tracks properly) and ruling the SEC will finally be a reality. There is no limit to the delusion that some of them hold dear to.


    • piper

      footballscoop reporting that he tried to lure scott cochran to ole miss with an offer to be an on-field coach.


    • PTC DAWG

      Your last sentence seem spot on to me.


    • Butler Reynolds

      Yes, but if it’s a really old Corvette the Accord might have a chance if it breaks down.


  4. The Dawg abides

    Oh yeah! This is exactly why I as excited to see him get the job, to needle Nick. I would’ve also been pleased to see him at FSU to do the same to Mullen instate and Dabo in conference. Glad he jumped in the conference this year instead of when Boom gets canned after next year.


  5. ASEF

    Saban is averaging 62 points against Ole Miss the last 3 outings. Not the usual second half “let’s just run out the clock and call it a day” approach.

    Guessing that continues.

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  6. 69Dawg

    True or Nick Saban will be sure and run up the score. This is like pissing on an electric fence. I guess Kiffin likes pain.


  7. practicaldawg

    For Kiffin, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But at Ole Miss it really is true — at least in the end zones.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Soon Laner will be landing his chopper in high school fields throughout Alabama. That’ll show Nick he’s not f#%king around!


  9. Otto

    SEC Media Days may be worth watching again.


  10. garageflowers

    Not sure if you’ve seen this. Have the sound audible.



  11. Cousin Eddie

    Hope Lane win in season one vs Saban and at the mid-field hand shake says.” tell Kristen that Joey Freshwater said to hit him up.”


  12. Mayor

    I think I’d pick someone other than Saban to have a feud with if I were him.