TFW you’re taking this year’s Sugar Bowl more seriously than last year’s

Internal discipline, for the win!


UPDATE:  This, on the other hand, doesn’t sound so good.



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57 responses to “TFW you’re taking this year’s Sugar Bowl more seriously than last year’s

  1. Bigshot

    Hasn’t been a factor all year. What difference does it make.


  2. Bigshot

    That means they are not there.


  3. Aladawg

    Tell me how a guy says he smoked MJ passes an MJ test. I really don’t care if guys do a little weed. No worse than any number of other issues, but tell me how Kirby has any credibility with what he says. This is feeling greasier and greasier. Looking like the Dumb one years all over again. Only difference is Kirby’s winning with the talent level Donnan couldn’t win with.

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  4. Salty Dawg

    LOL at Cook’s comment about smoking all the pot! If that’s true, I don’t know how he passed a drug test! Kirbs must think we don’t know how that goes.


  5. Russ

    Hate it that Herrien is sitting out. Kind of surprises me. Seems like he’d like a chance to be the featured back for this game, unless all the reps are going to Zeus and Cook.

    DL will be fine.


  6. Bill Glennon

    Why is Herrien sitting out?


  7. Illini84

    “It really depends a lot on the type of test used. Instant test are not very sensitive and can often times be defeated by drinking LOTS of water before the sample is given. Many of these have a 50 ng detection cutoff. More precise testing such a mass spectrometry and gas chromatography are much more sensitive and can detect as little as a single ng. But most labs that use this technology allow for a certain amount of thc to be present without giving a positive reading. This is usually 20 ng. So a sample could contain 19 ng of thc, an obvious indication of cannabis use, yet still be technically negative. At this point it depends on the policy of the institution who is reading the results. Government agencies are often times more liberal and will not count 19 ng as a positive. This is because of the many lawsuits over the years in which a positive tester has claimed second-hand exposure. Private organizations such as security firms may be much more strict and count any amount as a positive.

    But beyond testing procedures, body type is much more important when analyzing the effectiveness of urinalysis. People with high metabolisms and low body fat can consume more drugs and have cleaner drug tests in less time while people with slower metabolisms and more body fat can show positive results for much longer and with smaller amounts used.”


  8. Debby Balcer

    MJ stays in your system 30 days so the maybe he was just talking when he said he ate it.


    • Illini84

      He said he smoked it not ate it.

      “in the course of the stop, police reported “the strong odor of burnt marijuana.” Asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, Cook told the officer there was not “because he smoked it.”


    • 123fakest

      LOL. No it doesn’t.

      And btw, who cares if he did? The stuff is less harming than alcohol. That is a fact.


  9. Fred Everett

    Time to move on. If a player is not motivated to be in NO…stay home…transfer out…turn pro…graduate. Whatever…make room for the player who is hungry. As long as Kirby keeps the recruiting at a very high level…we will be fine. I LIKE giving the younger players a change to shine.


  10. Illini84

    “Smart said that running back D’Andre Swift has been slowly progressing from the shoulder injury that limited his playing time against LSU, steadily participating more in practices, especially the past two.“We’re hoping he’s going to be able to go at 100 percent for the game,” Smart said. “He wants to play in the game, so if he’s able to go 100 percent, he’ll be able to play. “

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  11. 123fakest

    We are going to get destroyed. 31-14 type of whooping.

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  12. Bright Idea

    So are we to believe Kirby is lying about the drug test but not Cook meaning he smoked it awhile ago? Doesn’t that odor linger in a car? Did the cop ask when? We were disappointed when we thought that Cook might not play and now we’re pissed that he can. I guess some of us want him suspended for his admission. We love misery more than any fan base alive and the DawgNation writers know it.


    • The other Doug

      I bet he passed a drug test, but the how rigorous and if he was given time and advice on how to pass the test isn’t for us to know.


  13. 123fakest

    “Cook is cleared to play.”

    That’s great. Will our coaches game plan for him? Doubtful.


  14. Pirate

    drink 20 glasses of water starting in the am . Then pee all morning. by the time you pee in the cup in the pm , you’ll be aight . It won’t hit the cut off on the instant test . Or you can use clean pee , if you can get it up in der. So I’ve heard.


  15. 123fakest

    I think it’s weird that people can get in trouble/fired for doing something 15 days ago, yet can come in and work every day after having five drinks the night before.

    Weird, I tell ya.

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    • Pirate

      I agree with you . It’s just still federally illegal


      • 92 Grad

        Ive never tried it but if it became legal where I am at I would try it. The only thing that scares me, as a husband and a parent, is other people driving around stoned. That scares me, just like people under the influence of alcohol or anything else getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.


        • Oh for the love of Pete. I’ve been driving Stoned since I was 15. Your cat might not be safe as I consider him a Target. Your children on the other hand have nothing to worry about. What the hell is that dog doing behind that bush…..

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    • When required by the feds, a little herbal show up for up to four weeks. It’s crazy and there are ways around it but for the novice it’s a death sentence.


  16. At 17 I was arrested for 3 grams of marijuana. It turned into a $450 fine and one year of probation where I had to be in before sundown. Without the understanding of my boss who owned the farm I would have been a vagrant. This I thought was insane and now in 2019 even more so. Let this young man play football. It’s nothing but a buzz. For the Love of Pete his entire career cannot be jeopardized by inhaling some smoke from a weed.


  17. Pirate

    I’m gonna smoke a j before the kickoff, to make our o look more explosive on tv.

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  18. WNCDawg

    The stupid comment that “I already smoked it “ to me is not as dangerous but having a loaded Glock, no drivers license, driving a lease vehicle with dealer tag. Adding the open container is icing on the cake.
    Was Clark, who is a no show for the Sugar the friend that needed a ride. If so why would Cook play and Clark not be there. Through out this season discrepancy has shrouded the season. CKS avoids any questions of players and coaches. If you make $7 a year plus the information act enables you to do this. With all the film of the regular season I am not sure private practices avoid UGA’s schemes and situational tendencies secret from Baylor. Unless the Dawgs are putting together fake punt and fake FG’s.
    I assume the teal reason of the private practice is to protect the coaches reputations as clearly on TV and press conferences several F Bombs shattered the good ole boy image. I am sure practices are routinely as eloquent as for players and coaches both go. This is not much different than 30-40 years ago the only difference was the press held high esteem for coaches and not all things were put to print like our 24 hour news cycle. The press was friendly to Mantle, Ford and those50-60’s teams that often showed up reaking and drunk. I rember a Mickey making a comment once in his book. In a game he was suppose to sit out he was called to pinch hit in the late inning and was so drunk still he saw 3 baseballs to which he remarked I just struck at the middle one.
    That’s been the summary of the 2019 season the Dawgs swung at the one in the middle and all but 2 times they hit it. There may no longer be a Toots Shores in NY but after the rumors of last years Sugar Bowl disaster CKS might do a curfew and a few urine tests before the game. That way “We will be concerned with the players are there.”


  19. more spinners

    If Cook was tested and cleared by the team protocols, that is good enough for me. Move on, and let’s play!
    Side bar.
    Frankly, tired of America’s law enforcement harrassing young males in this country. See, hear, and read about it weekly.
    Nothing against those folks, but a little professionalism and common sense would go a long way.
    They are maturing, and the vast majority are kind, understanding, fun loving guys who care.


  20. DawgPhan

    My main concern is why do we still have students talking to the cops. Just teach them to keep their mouths shut until the handler gets there.


    • RangerRuss

      “I don’t answer questions”,says Ray Shoesmith on Mr Inbetween. That works on TV and may help you beat the rap. But you won’t beat the ride. Shiiiiit man, the boys in blue will arrest you for resisting arrest. WTF,over.


  21. DawgPhan

    As for the game. It sure seems bleak. 3 OL out for the game. Probably top 2 running backs and someone from the DL.

    From a motivation stand point seems like it will be tough against a Baylor team that I think will be motivated to play well.


  22. DugLite

    The drug test might have been for performance enhancing drugs only. I’m fine with that. Kirbys not lying then. Splitting hairs? Sure, but I don’t think they should test for mj anyway. Hell, I don’t think the NCAA has exact rules for what to test for. It might not be at the conference level for some conferences, but for the SEC I think that is decided by each school.