The rich always want to get richer.

I’m guessing these two proposals have Nick Saban’s approval.

Screenshot_2020-01-24 Dan Wolken on Twitter Another proposal would allow for some replacement for early pro departures and [...]

Boy, if there’s one thing the Sabans and Smarts of the recruiting world need, it’s a mulligan.  It’ll be roster management on steroids.


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4 responses to “The rich always want to get richer.

  1. ASEF

    How is is this really any different than the system we have now? Between back counting and things like that, schools are already overshooting 25. Dabo signed 30 last year.


  2. MGW

    The early departure accommodation: So if your players are so good they only last three years, you get to recruit even more really good players. It’s like a snowball effect for elite talent.

    Meanwhile the developmental teams are working with fewer players. Yeah I’d say smarts on board with that.


  3. Mick Jagger

    Will this include the transfer portal?


  4. Go Dawgs!

    If the non-Alabama/Georgia/Clemson/Oklahomas of the world sign off on that proposal then they are NUTS.