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41 responses to “Today’s Question of the Day

  1. Derek

    In a Napoleon Dynamite sorta way? Probably.

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  2. Sparrow

    Well I can’t think of a better authority for what’s “cool” thank Packer and Durham…

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  3. AJ

    I feel sorry for Tech. There…I said it. I don’t even talk shit to my tech buddies anymore. Not fun.

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  4. Lazy Grad

    Wes’ body language… can he get anymore slouched over? That just screams ‘cool’ along with “low-T” enthusiasm! But muh 404!!1!!


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    If incorporating: cheesy slogans, Waffle House, telephone area codes on hats, hideous coaching shoes, and ill-advised tweets from your OL coach roughly stating ‘next man up!’ after a sudden player death makes you the coolest brand….

    …then I’m Jules ‘Pitt’ Winnfield, and my wallet says bad m’fer on it.

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  6. stoopnagle

    What’s cooler than being cool?


  7. voxdawg

    Bless their hearts.

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  8. Mick Jagger

    “Cold as ice” according to the 404’s own Outtkast


  9. Mick Jagger

    Ice cold, actually


  10. Absolutely. Definitely. Kinda. Sorta. Not really.


  11. Mark

    tech’s about as cool as a turd in a punch bowl.


  12. Spike

    I don’t think it means what they think it means.. (Sounds of the theme from 2001 A Space Odyssey )


  13. Walter Geiger

    i just don’t see the gay dentist look the head maggot embraces catching on.


  14. Bless their hearts, they’re trying so hard to be.

    Who wants to watch a clip of Collins doing push-ups on the field right before they 3 and out and punt with me?

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  15. He was all over Twitter yesterday taking helicopter visits to local high schools and was wearing skinny jeans and no socks. If a man his age, with that physique and in that getup, is cool then I don’t want to be cool. Also, making helicopter visits to high schools is a new, groundbreaking recruiting technique. This man is cutting edge.

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  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, that studio set up in the basement is probably the best in the subdivision. Guess they weren’t kidding when they said fishfry didn’t invest in facilities. Now can I use one of those basketballs to shoot hoops in the driveway?


  17. Comin' Down The Track

    I have a bandmate who once told me that he was the “coolest kid at band camp.” I still rag on him about that. Does that answer the question?


  18. Texas Dawg

    That is one of those parody things……right??

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  19. Muttley

    The only way he could take it up another notch is to turn that cap around backwards, put on some sunglasses, and do rap gestures. And you know he’s thinking about it.


  20. Otto

    It has to be cool to open the season on a Thurs or Fri night on the ACC network so you can make the DragonCon parade Saturday Morning.


  21. Bulldog Joe

    In the ACC? Yes.


  22. The Truth

    Cool in sort of a…HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH…dammit, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep a straight face.


  23. hassan



  24. Dave

    If peeing their pants is cool, then GA Tech is Miles Davis

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  25. Olde Dawg 78

    I’m confused. Why would any team want to claim to be the coolest team in that sorry conference? Other than Klempsin, we are back to bragging about being the tallest midget again.


  26. duronimo

    If everything is amazing, nothing is amazing.
    If Tech is cool, another perfectly good word bites the dust.


  27. Oh fuck me this made my weekend. I couldn’t have asked for better comedy from Mel Brooks. #hiptobesquare


  28. Gaskilldawg

    Answer is an emphatic YES, Tech football is not so hot.


  29. Doug

    Please. Tech isn’t even the coolest program in their own city.