“The top one percent of one percent”

Corch, Corch, Corch…

Huntley Johnson had to be one busy son of a gun back then.


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26 responses to ““The top one percent of one percent”

  1. Russ

    Was Chris “Time to die, bitch” Rainey on that team also?

    No matter, this narrative deserves much wider play.

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  2. TimberRidgeDawg

    Well they had One Percenters for sure.


  3. I have yet to see anyone go to jail for how they massacred my boys in Jacksonville that year.

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  4. The Dawg abides

    Tebow’s golden boy image covered up a ton of shit for that crime syndicate… I mean football team.


  5. Senator, this is not a correction on my part but Huntley Johnson was one well paid son of a gun back then….no doubt still is to this day


  6. spur21

    Just think if Meyer made one misstep and pissed off that crazy bastard he would be on the wrong side of grass.

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  7. Bay Area Dawg

    A 30 for 30 about Urban Meyer at Florida would be outstanding (if done accurately).

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    • Texas Dawg

      The one on SMU “Pony Excess” covered SMU paying players and they got the NCAA death penalty. One on Urban and FU would involve real crime and would involve the ACTUAL dirt nap kind of death penalty. SMU gets hammered and still has not recovered while on the other hand FU gets to hoist the NC trophy. Just does not seem quite right.

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  8. California dawg

    If you haven’t watched already I highly recommend ‘Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’ on Netflix. There’s an extended sequence on Hernandez’s time at Florida and let’s just say it doesn’t paint their program or Urban in the best light. The documentary itself is deeply disturbing but that Florida sequence is basically Dawn Porn. I’m too lazy to check but I have to assume Gator fans are in a self-righteous, tone-deaf tizzy over it.


    • Sanford222view

      The pod cast “Gladiator”, from which the Netflix documentary is based, is even better imo. It spends more time on his days in high school and at UF than the Netflix version does.


  9. stoopnagle

    Man, there’s only one response to this nonsense.



  10. Texas Dawg

    The MVP of most of Urban’s teams at Florida should have been Huntley Johnson. Without his help (and I’m sure some complicity of local law enforcement) they may not have had enough scholarship players out of jail (even on bail) to have had a competitive team. I realize they brought a NC back to Gainesville, but at what price? They are still trying to get rid of the stentch that they left all over the program. Would we want a NC in Athens if that is the price we had to pay?


  11. DawgFaithful

    Not to mention Percy Harvin who punched his position coach and still played in the next game.

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  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    All true, but if they hadn’t won the national championship, we wouldn’t have Corrine.

    She’s serving five at Club Fed.

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  13. duronimo

    Both Florida and Auburn rode their criminals to NCs. Assault and murder?Their fans are saying, “How could be wrong if it feels so right.?”


  14. McTyre

    That picture is actually pretty far from being “the craziest thing in sports history.” Aaron Hernandez with Mark Richt maybe. Meyer not only associated with thugs, domestic abusers, drug abusers and assorted miscreants but he built his CFB success on them. It should be crazy that the guy can take his pick of jobs tomorrow, but it’s sadly not.


  15. Cojones

    Did the “eye gouging” incident occur with that group?