Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

Sometimes, stats really do tell a story.

Among other things, it would be nice if Monken could coax more consistency out of the quarterback position this season.



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  1. JasonC

    It may by an incorrect observation, but it seems that Fromm has his worst games (lower completion %) against teams that see Georgia regularly, with the exception of GT and Tenn. GT wasn’t a good team.


  2. It seems to me the availability of Lawrence Cager the 2nd half of the season had a lot to do with it. He got hurt early in the South Carolina game and really was only available in the Florida and Missouri games after that. Once Jake developed that same trust in Pickens in New Orleans, he seemed to be back to his old reliable self.


    • Anonymous

      It seems to me the availability of Lawrence Cager the 2nd half of the season had a lot to do with it

      I agree. I think it was for two reasons:
      1. Fromm trusted Cager to make contested catches much more than the other receivers.
      2. Cager always drew the #1 CB. That meant that the CB each WR faced was one position further down the depth chart when Cager was on the field.

      The comparison someone needs to do is Fromm passing efficiency against Man coverage with and without Cager. I think the numbers will be wildly different.


  3. Macallanlover

    I throw out Appy game for lack of competition, and Kentucky for ridiculous weather, and have no explanation for Vandy after the 1st Qtr. I think Auburn and SC defenses just baffled our OC by stuffing our run game up the middle, he had no answer…disappointing. It was more of a constipated offensive than the inconsistency of a QB. You have to add some receiver and OL run blocking inconsistency to get the more complete picture. It was just a total surprise to anyone not expecting the collapse of receivers when Holloman and Cager were removed. Time to move on, I have more pressing concerns with the 2020 offense.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    “It was more of a constipated offense than the inconsistency of a QB.”

    Yep, it was coaching, not Jake.