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Interesting stat here:

I would say there aren’t many better ways of playing elite defense — when it comes to elite pass defense, maybe no better way — than generating pressure with no more than four rushers.


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  1. Greg

    Something is working, you don’t lead the country in PPG if it is not working.

    Don’t get the crowd that focuses on the lack of sacks….other than it looks good. More than one thing that goes into a good/great ‘D.

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  2. Getting a pass rush with 4 (or 3) allows defenses to suffocate the spread. When inside linebackers have the ability to roam and defend the width of the field 5-7 yards from the LOS because they don’t have to blitz consistently, it’s really difficult for the RPO game to get going. Of course, if you allow the QB to extend plays like Burrow did last year, that’s when problems come.


    • spur21

      Allowing TE’s to roam freely needs to be addressed but overall I have zero complaints or worries with what Kirby does on defense


  3. Dawg in Austin

    Agreed, but I sure would like to lead for all pressures. More pressures overall get into the heads of QBs. Of course, I think we’ll see that number creep up this year with the pass rush talent we now have.

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  4. Granthams replacement

    1) The talent level on defense is insane

    2) Monken better be ready for constant blitzing 9/5/20

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  5. It’s an extra back. Very cool. We need to recruit DL bug this year

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  6. josh hancher

    Damn missed this one today. Analytics nerds say that QB Pressures are one of the best Defensive Stats there is


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