The torch is passed.



Yeah, I’d say Matt Luke has some pretty big shoes to fill.


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  1. dawgtired

    “Yeah, I’d say Matt Luke has some pretty big shoes to fill.”

    He certainly does. This is the area I’ve been most concerned with the coaching changes. OC is a close 2nd. Matching Sam’s recruiting may be tougher than matching the coaching ability.

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  2. J-Dawg

    We’ll hopefully find out soon enough. Remember, he preaches a different type of lineman. Pittman wanted big uglies, but Luke wants slightly smaller but “faster” linemen. It’ll be interesting.


  3. mwo

    Maybe Luke can coach the big uglies to get one or two yards when we have to have them and everyone watching knows what is coming. Not to be disrespectful or sacrilegious but run blocking has not been as good as pass blocking the last couple of years. Not just with Coley but also with Chaney so I don’t believe it was just a scheme problem.

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    • RangerRuss

      Agreed. There was a combination of problems with the O and pass blocking was the least. I think CKS recognized those issues and did the best he could do. What seemed like obstinance to me was Kirby making shitty chicken salad out of chicken shit.
      Semper Gumby.


  4. Castleberry

    That’s hard to believe. I’m about to bust out the media guide…


    • Castleberry

      Still hard to believe but he’s right…Wynn and Glenn were the two. Jean-Gilles slipped to the 4th and George Foster was 2003.


  5. SpellDawg

    I hope fate sees her way in steering the Pitt Boss back to UGA some day. Can’t think of a coach we’ve had that I liked more. I was a boy during Erk’s time, all I knew was Dooley, Herschel and that catchy Junkyard Dawgs song back then, but I think he would obviously challenge. Who else have we had that was so damn likeable, pulled in top recruits, and handled his job with undeniable class & style?



    Pittman definitely recruited prototypical NFL linemen….


  7. Normaltown Mike

    That skinflint McGarity never committed to giving Richt the resources to recruit lineman.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Does this ease our concerns about the OT position in 2020? Pittman also recruited and coached Salyer, Truss, McClendon, and Condon.


    • When you look at UGA’s “D”, crootin’ follows scheme…given what’s in the play book of UGA’s OC, does that dictate the “type” of O-line crootin’ UGA will follow or continue with Dawgraders of size and fit the scheme accordingly


  9. Otto

    UGA fans certainly aren’t surprised Pittman recruited Giants and Titans.

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  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    I’ll take SEC Championships and playoff wins over NFL 1st round draft picks but maybe that’s just me.


  11. MGW

    Don’t know how we could have done better with his replacement, but you just can’t really replace a position coach like that.

    It’d be like replacing Herschel with the next 5* number one recruit in the country RB. Can’t do better, but what are the odds he’s another Herschel?


  12. MGW

    We had one of each with these two and Pittman. What’s your point?


  13. Macallanlover

    Everyone, including me, was blown back by the success Pittman had in OL recruiting. He was so almost perfect in delivering one 4/5 star after another, and stacking them up one on top of another that I began to feel dirty. Shouldn’t have, he was clean, just the fastest gun out on the trail. So I am not going to pretend that he will be so easily replaced to say I don’t have some concerns about where UGA goes with OL recruiting and development. Doing so would just be foolish.

    That said, I have this feeling that Coach Luke will maintain the high standard of OL recruiting/development we have enjoyed the past 4 years. Seems like, tastes like, Kool Aide doesn’t it? I know this will come back to bite me, if we get to play football again, but I think Matt Luke will maintain UGA’s position as one of the top OL schools year in, and year out. I think his targets may look different, which means they will not get the same high star rating (because that is so often based on NFL measurable factors) but I thing he will develop them better, especially in regard to running the football, while maintaining the improved passing protection. So while our recruiting scores may go down, we will get just as many of our targets, and our offensive performance may well improve versus Pittman. So it will be so subjective we cannot ever prove it either way if we are all happy about the offense doing well. I may be the only one, but I will toast Coach Luke if that happens. He may be the pickup of the post season as a coach, he just seems to fit in well. Another thing I really like is, he just may come in, excel in what he does, and stay right where he is…for a long time. I think he and Kirby get along well, and are close enough in age that could well happen.