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Jamie Newman is a popular name in the pro-scout circle, and for good reason after rising in the Wake Forest record books last season. Now he’s at Georgia, where he should be the top quarterback in the SEC entering the season. He completed nearly 61 percent of his passes and threw for 2,868 years and 26 touchdowns at Wake Forest despite losing his two best receivers late in the 2019 season.

Georgia’s offense is set up perfectly for Newman to excel, and adding his ability to pick up yardage on the ground (he ran for 78 yards or more in four games last season) might make him the most dangerous quarterback in the country.  [Emphasis added.]

Will the preseason All-SEC voting melt Buddy’s brain?  One can only hope.


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6 responses to “Your Daily Gator asks, and is answered.

  1. Let that “rat poison” soak into those that want to drink it….Oct.31st is starting to be a traveling event worth while more than watching on the big screen….#FTMF


  2. Pretty sure Buddy’s brain already has some softness…


  3. MGW

    One of those rare years without a lot of proven talent at the QB position in the SEC.

    Next up is a “Bo Nix is the best” article. Then KJ Costello.


  4. pjmcdonough

    He was 3rd behind Burrow and Tua in QBR, but there was a huge drop off between 2nd and 3rd. Guarantano wasn’t far behind at 4th, and Fromm was 5th in his worst season as a signal caller, to put it into context. The SEC was not ripe with QB performance last year, so I can see some of the optimism that Trask would be the “guy” given the departures of Tua and Burrow…but that’s also like saying “We’re number 1” if the top two teams ahead of you had their wins vacated, so to speak.


  5. I honestly thought, stated at the time, franks going down and trask playing was a benefit to them. I still do. Not that its that much benefit