Believe me, if there’s anyone who appreciates a labor of love in the service of Georgia football, it’s me.  So take this recommendation in the spirit it’s given.

Our man Chopdawg has been diligently putting together a website devoted to Larry Munson audio clips.  He tells me it’s still a work in progress, but there’s already plenty there to sink your teeth… er, ears into.

Take a look and send him some appreciation in the comments.  He’s earned it.


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30 responses to “Munsoning

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    So my wife has been working remote in the same room with me since covid hit most of the time. Suffice to say the next few days for her are going to be very frustrating. Yea, I’ll be wearing headphones and all, but this is Munson we are talking about, so its only natural I’ll have it cranked up a bit.

    That site is indeed great.


    • Mark

      Great stuff! I’d never heard Ed Thilenius’s voice before today.

      And best of all, I finally, FINALLY have access to my all-time favorite Munson call: Lindsay Scott’s return of the second half kickoff for a TD against LSU!


  2. Salty Dawg

    Thank you, Chop! That is awesome! Lots of goodies to play while reliving the thrills! Always special to hear Larry!


  3. mwo

    Thanks! Between this and the blog, I’m sure to lose my job.


  4. ElectroM

    Thanks! It is going to be great listening to Munson call these games.


  5. (In my raspiest voice) Thanks for the comments, you guys! Enjoy!


  6. HiAltDawg

    Thanks, Chop!


  7. siskey

    Great job! I’m looking forward to being able to teach my kids about Munson and how fortunate they are to have his legacy as a birthright as Georgia fans.


  8. Mark

    Thank you Chop. And thank you For sharing Senator.


  9. 79Dawg

    There was an old Larry fansite 10-15 (hell maybe more) years or so ago that used to have some audio clips on it that i remember. Have no idea who that guy was, but if he is still around (and reads your site), maybe he could help.
    Also, Paul Westerdawg used to have a bunch of “Munson Mixes” on his site (or maybe it was another site he ran then) that were clips of Larry over actual songs. I know he posts on here sometimes so maybe he will see this and perhaps he has more he can help Chop with. (I do have lots of those mixes downloaded as mp3s still!)

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  10. pcpup

    Some of these were from the tapes UGA sold, beginning after the 76 season. I still have the 8-tracks somewhere, though no ability to play them. I thought they were lost forever. Thanks so much for making these available again. I’m immediately transported back to those happy days.


  11. Mark

    I went straight to 1978 which is there year I truly became a fan as a kid. LSU and KY are classics but I remember the first time I never left the radio was that Clemson game. One note, that was actually Charley Pell’s team and Ford’s first game as head coach was the great Woody Hayes slug a tiger Gator Bowl after Pell has taken the Florida job at the end of the regular season.

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  12. 81Dog

    That clip of Hampton scoring at Clemson in 87 was an amazing run. He went left, Clemson had 3 guys in his face and seemingly trapped. If I remember correctly, he stopped on a dime, stepped back from the on rushing defenders as they grabbed at air, crow hopped a quick step it two to his left, then hit the burners again. Score. Should have been a no gainer, ended up being 6.

    Sadly, we lost that game, but what a run. I haven’t been to LSU or Tuscaloosa (made it to Legion Field for the Pulpwood game), but Clemson is the second loudest place I’ve been. Only UT was louder.


    • Yeah, that Clemson game was a heartbreaker, second time in two years they beat us on a last-second FG. Hampton’s run was freaky, I don’t know why them Clempson guys didn’t just clobber him when he stopped, but I swear I think he faked them into thinking a whistle had blown the play dead.

      I had a buddy who got us seats in one of the Clemson luxury suites. Only time I’ve ever sat in a suite, and it was strange, like watching a football game in a library.


  13. That’s awesome work, chop!


  14. NotMyCrossToBear

    Thank you. I appreciate the written description attached to each clip.


  15. spur21

    Great tonic for the pain of Covid – thanks for your efforts.


  16. Gurkha Dawg

    Wow Chop, awesome. I’m really busy at work but had to go over to your site. Listened to Belue to Scott. I’ve heard it probably a thousand times but still get goose bumps each time. Hell, I still have goose bumps and it’s been 5 minutes since leaving your site. Thanks man.

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  17. 86BONE

    Great work Chop…thank you for the effort!


  18. Got Cowdog

    Get after it, Chop…



    Great job looking for more of your treats in the future!


  20. Thatguy

    Chopdawg, you’re doing the lord’s work here. Thank you!


  21. Chipperdawg

    Oh wow…this is awesome! Sitting on the screened porch, listening to Larry calling the games, while drinking Town Branch bourbon is like heaven on earth. This truly takes me back! Can’t wait to listen to some of these with my boys, so they can hear and “see” what helped to make the old man such a DAWG!!! RIP Mr. Munson–one of the best “Damn Good Dawg’s” ever!