Torn between two lovers

Try to read this paragraph without chuckling.

Multiple sources tell FootballScoop that veteran coach Charlie Strong, who rose to notoriety in coaching circles in part because of his great Florida Gators’ defenses, was planning to return to the Florida program to work alongside veteran defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, but appears instead to have chosen to go with Meyer.

Hard to believe Charlie turned down an opportunity to work with Towel Boy, but I guess the lure of Corch was too strong to resist.



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36 responses to “Torn between two lovers

  1. Tony BarnFart

    It’s also being reported that Lanning is the favorite for DC at Texas.


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    More like it’s the easiest decision he had to make:

    Do Sideshow Dan the Clown a solid by propping-up Third and Grantham for no credit, or get to go be your own man for Corch.

    Can’t say anyone would blame him for his choice.

    Hey look at that, y’all: Corch did us a favor in the short run!


  3. charlottedawg

    I’m actually really glad charlie strong did not return to florida. In my opinion he was more instrumental to Meyer winning two NCs at florida than tebow.

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  4. Terry McCullers

    Wasn’t Strong that came up with the eye gauge move?.


  5. Texas Dawg

    Corch may be a horrible human being, but he’s a pretty good X’s and O’s coach. Strong could learn a few things. Mullen is an insufferable ass and has yet to prove he’s anything more than a slightly above mediocre coach. Grantham…..well he’s Grantham. Nothing more needs to be said.


  6. Chris Story

    as a Jags fan, I see this as a win win.


  7. Looks like Lanning is staying according to 247.

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    I’d take the NFL job any day..

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  9. Greg

    Thinks that UF defensive situation will blow up soon. If not this offseason….next season.

    It would be a temporary stop at UF if he took it, would have to make another move within a year imo.

    Don’t get the ‘Granthamitt” love. The only thing I love him for is the choke sign he gave the UF kicker and him going after Franklin at games end.

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