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Give him time

I’ll have my Observations post up tomorrow, but I don’t think it takes any great insight to note that the primary reason the Peach Bowl was as close as it was turned out to be the offensive line’s worst showing by far of the season.

Look what happened on a couple of plays when pass pro held up long enough for Daniels to do his thing.

George Pickens lays out for a catch

I’d love to know what Matt Luke was thinking when he decided that changing four of the five starters on the line was the way to go.



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The case for better times

Seth Emerson ($$):

But the way seems clear again for the Bulldogs to make it back to Atlanta in 2021:

Florida loses quarterback Kyle Trask, tight end Kyle Pitts and other non-Kyles who were key parts of this team. Nobody else in the SEC East seems an immediate threat, unless Jeremy Pruitt does a 180 with Tennessee.

Georgia, meanwhile, is poised to keep improving on offense, as long as it can hold on to most of its key pieces. JT Daniels is at the top of the list, as is offensive coordinator Todd Monken. The last thing the team needs right now is another new starting quarterback or a fourth offensive coordinator in as many years. The safe assumption is both stick around for another year, but the implications of either leaving are dire enough that Georgia fans are forgiven their angst.

This past season, for what I think are obvious reasons, is a poor one for drawing large conclusions, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I took the advantage of offensive continuity at the beginning of it far too lightly.  In all likelihood, Georgia was behind the eight ball going into 2020 even if Jamie Newman had elected to stay and play.  That was indeed one gap Florida had over the Dawgs and took full advantage of.

And that will be the story of 2021 if Monken and Daniels are still around to make it.  If the two are back, Georgia and Missouri will be the only teams in the East that have their starting quarterback and offensive coordinator return.  (Unless Luke Doty qualifies as a returning starting quarterback, that is.)  The story is similar in the West, where the Mississippi schools are the only two.

That’s a big advantage, I’d have to say, even if there is a semblance of an actual spring practice season this year.  I don’t know what kind of buy in Smart has to sell right now, but I can only hope he makes a convincing case for it.


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The state of college football, in two tweets



Iowa State should be one of the great stories in the sport.  Instead, it’s going to be washed away by the deluge of hot takes about which team should have been in the CFP instead of Notre Dame, and how 2020, the outlier of all college football season outliers, should be the impetus for another round of playoff expansion.

We are watching in real time what makes college football special slip away.  Hell, in many quarters, you’ve got people actively working to make that happen.  And it will, as long as there is more money in that.


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He broke it up! He broke it up!

In case you can’t tell, I would have loved to hear Munson call this play.

Stevenson’s instincts and his recovery speed were remarkable.  He definitely saved the day.


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