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The Georgia Way is undefeated.

In a shocking development, the school decides to promote from within to select Greg McGarity’s replacement.

UGA moved swiftly to make Josh Brooks its new athletic director.

Just five weeks and two days after the school announced that Greg McGarity was retiring from the position after more than 10 years, Brooks is getting the job full-time.

His hire came Wednesday afternoon during a special meeting of the Executive Committee of the UGA Athletic Association Board.

The 40-year old had not served even a week as interim AD, a position he began Jan. 1.

Brooks was viewed as a leading candidate to replace McGarity when there was speculation in the last year on when McGarity may finally step away from the job.

“I’ve had a wide range of experience and especially my time at Georgia the last few years,” Brooks said in December after being named interim AD. “Greg’s really nurtured me and given me some peeks behind the rope to see really what it’s like in his shoes. I feel ready and I feel confident for this responsibility.”

No knock on Brooks, who is well liked, but picking him less than a week after McGarity retired tells you the fix was in.  Maybe he’s the best choice out there for what many consider to be one of the top AD jobs in the country, but, given the time frame, it’s hard to believe that was a choice made after the school did its due diligence.

Then, again, when you know going in what the main priority is for a Georgia athletic director, maybe due diligence is overrated.  Good luck with the new gig, Josh.



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As the Urnge sphincter tightens

Hey, are they having fun in Knoxville yet?

Jeremy Pruitt

Is growing more aggravated and agitated according to sources around UT’s football program.

Pruitt is blaming Bryce Thompson’s unexpected departure to the NFL on this situation.

Pruitt also believes this is killing him in the transfer market.

Though he’s trying to put a happy face on this Pruitt knows now that …

1) He’s at risk is his job …

2.) He’s potentially at risk of losing his buyout. I’m talking potentially the full 12.7 million dollars here could be at stake.

3.) The ongoing investigation could potentially inhibit Pruitt’s employability in college football.

Pruitt also thinks this probe is hurting his chances of finding coaches. If he makes it out of this he’s going to have four spots to fill on his staff.


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Your 1.6.21 Playpen

With the Georgia runoff results and whatever’s about to go down in DC today, I’m not even gonna try to run a non-political topic past you guys.

What I will do is post the perfect intro for today’s Playpen.

Now there’s a man who’s got his priorities in order.

Have at it in the comments, but try not to show your ass too much today.


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Go big, or go home.

I see Sark has quickly embraced one of college football’s greatest traditions, living vicariously through another program.

That ought to carry him through a season or two in Austin.  Maybe.


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“LSU has appealed Clark’s ruling.”

The rug, she is getting harder to sweep under.

After a nearly five-month battle, an East Baton Rouge Parish District Court judge fined Louisiana State University and ordered the school to give USA TODAY an unredacted copy of a 2016 police report that names former star running back Derrius Guice.

LSU “was unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious in its refusal and delay and the redacted manner in which the documents were produced,” Judge Janice Clark wrote in her Dec. 29 ruling.

Clark further ordered LSU to pay $10,000 for USA TODAY’s attorney fees and an additional $6,200 in civil penalties — $100 for each of the 62 business days between the request date and the trial date, Nov. 23.

Assuming this gets to the messy ending most anticipate, does anyone expect Mark Emmert to step in and hammer the school?  I don’t, but after Penn State, he deserves whatever screaming will come his way about it.


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TFW you remember your momma raised you better



Screenshot_2021-01-06 Kristen Saban Setas - Twitter Search Twitter

Can someone call me an Uber?

In a tweet she titled, “I’m so sorry,” Setas posted a message backtracking on her earlier statement.

“The tweet I posted earlier this evening was uncalled for and hurtful. I made a huge mistake and I apologize,” Setas tweeted. “In a moment of frustration, I let my anger get the best of me and acted before thinking. I sincerely regret my choice of reckless words. In no way did I intend to undermine the seriousness of the global pandemic and my heart goes out to those it has affected. The health and safety of others is first and foremost and I pray that we all can find peace soon. I am ashamed and embarrassed. I hope you can forgive me.”

Shockingly, she is no longer on Twitter.

I have to admit I’d pay good money to watch Clay Travis ask Nick Saban about her tweet.


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Is 2021 the year we blame Monken?

Seth’s mention of the 2012 season made me take a walk down memory lane to check out Georgia’s offensive yards per play production from that season going forward.  Via cfbstats.com, here’s the average, along with its national ranking:

  • 2012:  7.09 (1st)
  • 2013:  6.66 (13th)
  • 2014:  6.79 (7th)
  • 2015:  6.03 (40th)
  • 2016:  5.44 (86th)
  • 2017:  6.70 (12th)
  • 2018:  7.05 (7th)
  • 2019:  6.08 (46th)
  • 2020:  6.21 (34th)

Mike Bobo is still the gold standard, like it or not.  Aside from 2012 being the best season on the list, what he did in 2013, when it seemed like almost every offensive skill position player missed time with injuries, and 2014, with Hutson Mason as his quarterback, is pretty damned impressive.  None of his four (!) successors have matched his body of work to date.

That includes Todd Monken.  But if I can make use of an asterisk, so to speak, here’s Georgia’s offensive yards per play average once JT Daniels was installed as the starter:  7.51.

So, let’s have a quick reader poll.


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Giddy up

Shot ($$)

The failing for Georgia the last two years has been too many hits at key spots on offense. Two years ago, the team lost Mecole Hardman and Riley Ridley in addition to other experienced receivers, and returned just 24 percent of its receiving production, an important tell for offensive performance. Throw in a new offensive coordinator, and Georgia’s offense plummeted. But if everyone expected to return does return in 2021, then Georgia will have more than 90 percent of its receiving yards back.

Chaser ($$)

Georgia had 11 passes that went for 40-plus yards this season, tied for its most since 2012. And this year it was in a 10-game season. And every player who accounted for those 11 deep balls is due to return next season. Three of those plays were in the Peach Bowl.

It’s weird to see how much the narrative has changed in just one season.  2020 turned out to be the Year of Offensive Continuity, and Georgia was found wanting in that department.  Now?  There’s offensive continuity, in spades.  Even better, much of the SEC portion of Georgia’s 2021 schedule will involve teams that don’t have what Georgia brings in that regard.

In other words, you have my permission to be a little excited.


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