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I got mine, don’t worry ’bout his.

Once college football’s highest paid offensive coordinator, Jim Chaney is out of a job.  But not out of a paycheck, ’cause Tennessee.

Heupel informed Chaney and Weinke on Friday morning that he would not be keeping them on staff, meaning Chaney is owed $1.7 million on the remaining portion of his contract and Weinke $450,000. Both of those figures could be mitigated if either coach takes another job.

And when I say ’cause Tennessee, I mean ’cause Tennessee.

In addition to being on the hook for the full $900,000 that Steele is owed if he isn’t retained, Tennessee owes UCF the $2.5 million buyout to get White out of his contract and owes UCF the $3.59 million buyout to get Heupel out of his contract. Tennessee is paying the Parker Executive Search Firm $120,000 for assisting with the AD search and another $120,000 for assisting with the head-coaching search.

Why do I have a feeling they’ll be doing the same shit four or five years down the road?  ‘Cause Tennessee.


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Very good; could be better

Here’s some of what Athlon has to say about JT Daniels:

Daniels made his first start for Georgia against Mississippi State and his 12th in college, and set career highs with 401 passing yards and four touchdowns. Across four starts, Daniels averaged 10.3 yards per pass attempt, which would have tied North Carolina standout Sam Howell for sixth on the FBS leaderboard (and less than one yard behind leader and Heisman Trophy finalist Mac Jones) had he played enough to qualify. Most importantly, the Dawgs won all four games, and averaged 37.3 points per contest. Georgia scored 29.0 points on average with Mathis and Bennett starting. The Bulldogs averaged 209.3 passing yards and 382.8 yards of total offense across the first six games and improved to 310.8 and 486.0, respectively, with Daniels in the lineup. They also improved their average yards per play from 5.42 to 7.51.

All that, and yet there are some legit questions about his mechanics.  Check out this Twitter thread (h/t):

It’s the lack of consistency that sticks out.  McDaniel says the issue with his lower body mechanics precedes his injury, but I wonder if that still isn’t a factor.  The big question from here is whether he can show more consistency throwing the deep ball.  He had a great year, but even with that, he left a few yards on the table with some of those throws.


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Every College Football Teams Longest Play 2020 Season

Found a link to this on a message board and thought I’d share.  It’s a fun watch.

Well, once you get past Alabama’s longest play, anyway…


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