Inside the mind of Kirby Smart

So, a couple of notes from this Mike Griffith piece on the staff opening resulting from Charlton Warren’s departure:

  • “Warren and receivers coach Cortez Hankton were the only two UGA returning on-field coaches not to get raises following the 2019 season.”
  • “Sources have indicated Smart is looking for more of a players’ coach to take over the secondary.”

Somehow, I don’t think Warren got dinged for not being enough of a players’ coach.  A quick check of the 247Sports 2021 recruiter rankings doesn’t show Warren’s name in the top 250.  I’m guessing that matters more to Kirby than how buddy buddy the secondary coach is with his players.


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19 responses to “Inside the mind of Kirby Smart

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Is the implication: “Players Coach = Good Recruiter”


  2. It sounds like he’s looking at the LSU DB coach.

    Good for Warren, but if there’s a spot Kirby can do himself (or get Boom to fill in as a temp), it’s the secondary.

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  3. I guess “player’s coach” really means “relates to the best recruits better so that they come to Georgia.”

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  4. I didn’t think our secondary played that well this year.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Just as well, Ant! It’s a nasty habit. I’ve been trying to quit.


    • dawg100

      No, outside of Stokes, who is an incredibly technically sound DB, they didn’t and that makes Campbell’s decision quite odd. (Unless it is academics as rumored. Even then he could have used a year at Prime Time’s FCS DB Academy!)


  5. MudCat's Mechanic

    Ya think Kirby gets his man before or after the February signing day?


  6. You lost me at Mike Griffith

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  7. ZeroPOINTzero



  8. MGW

    Boom goes the secondary coach?


  9. rigger92

    Hopefully Monken gets a word in on this hire too. He knows people too. Could be a very good move.