Blitz happy

Here’s a clip of every offensive play Georgia ran in the Peach Bowl.

In retrospect, it’s amazing to see how many plays Cincinnati blitzed.  Given the turnover on Georgia’s offensive line, it was the perfect strategy to run.  There were plenty of occasions where Georgia’s linemen looked overmatched, mainly because they were outnumbered.  There were also communication issues, again, not a surprise, given the circumstances.

One thing I noticed watching was that Daniels’ interception came as the result of having to throw the ball earlier than he wanted because of pressure that came up the middle on a — what else? — late blitz.

Another thing I noticed was that all of you who are pushing for McIntosh to pass White on the depth chart ought to take a close look at Kenny’s work in pass protection.  He’s got a ways to go in that department.

Finally, give Daniels some credit.  For a guy who got the crap beat out of him, he still managed to complete over 68% of his pass attempts, for almost 400 yards against a respectable pass defense.

I feel pretty certain that the starting o-line against Clemson won’t be the same bunch that faced Cinci.


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  1. Until McIntosh learns (or wants) to pass
    protect, he isn’t an every down running back.

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  2. siskey

    I think the Mims kid will get every opportunity to play one of the tackle spots. Not having Cleveland and the ensuing shake-up really hurt the line against an aggressive opponent with a lot to play for. The good thing is that we have a lot of talent at O-Line and I have a lot of faith in Luke and Monken.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Agree on the talent. Just hoping that we are able to “coach ’em up” before we have to throw them out there. We’ll find out about Luke (and Monken) this fall.


    • Greg

      Boy, what an imposing specimen. Never seen anyone that big, cut and athletic (football). Shaq is probably the only one that I can think of that comes close, but that is BB….also don’t believe he was cut like that.

      Can see him starting at RT initially, moving on to LT as time goes on.

      Still like Jones at left, but hard to say not being there daily. A year under his belt and probably has added some weight……Jones is also very athletic also, maybe more than Mims.

      Nonetheless, we have plenty to choose from. Said this before, but thinks that our OL will be better this year than last.

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    • Russ

      I think it was a “new” issue more than a talent issue. Not sure if Luke underestimated Cincinnati or not, but it seemed clear after the fact that he shouldn’t have made wholesale changes along the line with very little time for people to learn their new responsibilities.


  3. akascuba

    Agree with everything above. JT took a beating and like a true leader kept getting up for the next play. My inner Munson says fix the Oline. Even Superman can’t get beat up like that every week and not get hurt.

    Yes and Kenny better understand no matter how talented at any position on the field you better be a good willing blocker to see much PT in our offense.

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  4. RangerRuss

    Daniels got the shit knocked out of him a few times in that game. Bounced back up and went back to work. He’s a tough guy and will get stronger during the off season. That’s what the Dawgs need.

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    • Greg

      He did….kinda reminded me of Stafford, he definitely wasn’t protected in a few of UGA’s games. Looked like he had gone 12 rounds with Tyson. Aaron was another that had some tough games.

      Both those guys were tough as nails & kept getting back up. Daniels looks to be of made of the same stuff.

      Hopefully, he will have more mobility this coming season…..still don’t believe he was 100%. But what a trooper. Got to keep him clean though.

      Really excited to see this Fairchild kid play. Thinks he may be a diamond in the rough….as far as getting playing time. He also has the makings of a star imo.

      Future is bright on the OL….never seen it this deep with this much talent.

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  5. Ran A

    Blitz seemed to be negated more and more in the 4th quarter. May have been a combination of Cincinnati trying to protect the lead, and Georgia figuring some things out. Or could be completely wrong about what I remember. :).

    Clemson will be a fascinating game to watch. They get their entire defense back. Everybody… Georgia loses starters off the line; will Clemson’s D-Line be good enough to negate Georgia’s deep passing game? (Sounds weird doesn’t it). And will what will Clemson’s offense look like? Getting back a stud receiver and will have a very big 5Star QB taking the reigns. Their O-line was dominated by OSU. Georgia’s deepest and perhaps most talented position group? D-line. Quality backs, but still a drop-off at QB and RB – games going to be an interesting one.

    Sure is fun to have one of the best teams in the country starting the season off against one of the best teams in the country.


  6. ZeroPOINTzero

    No happy ending. I was hoping the video would show one special teams play.

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  7. I was quite surprised at how much we got blitzed once JT became the guy and even more surprised it continued with his success.

    As for the OL, I though they played well, especially with all the pressure and the fact that, unlike Cheney, Monken and Luke weren’t constantly using TEs to block and tight formations. It really puts a premium on the OL blocking the RIGHT guys and a QB who can think and act quickly. I believe Luke is good recruiter and coach but I’m concerned with the interior, specifically Ericson. Hopefully he’s putting in work because he’s mostly gotten bullied when he’s played.


  8. charlottedawg

    I thought Daniels was going to get hurt that game. Kid was getting absolutely destroyed even on some big completions.

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  9. gotthepicture

    If you need Kenny-Mc to run or receive, it’s allgood. Pass-pro… notsomuch.


  10. tenesseewasnevergreat

    Props to the defense for bouncing back. Cincinnati had 21 points forever and the offense barely clawed back in.


  11. My first thought is those grey pants are ugly and enough is enough.


  12. Agreed on McIntosh. I prefer him over White as far as having the ball in his hands (rushing or receiving). But there’s no doubt, at this point, White is the better all around back.

    I can’t remember which of our RB coaches it was, but I remember him saying that for RB’s, pass protection is about “want to” just as much as it is technique. Hopefully the light flips on for McIntosh.


  13. uga97

    question about RB pass Protection. is the RB typically responsible for a specific area to protect, or supposed to key in on a specific position/player?


    • jsteph1967

      Depends on the play really. But their primary job in blocking regardless of play is blitz pick up. A bad cost the Falcons a super bowl.


  14. ASEF

    I feel pretty certain that the starting o-line against Clemson won’t be the same bunch that faced Cinci.

    True, but Clemson’s DL will be the toughest one they face all season.

    Run blocking as a back is a hard thing that learn and takes a lot of practice. It’s a huge prerequisite for NFL work. They all know it, so it’s not like they don’t see the importance of it.


  15. Ozam

    Thanks for posting……A great way to watch a game after the fact! For those of you who don’t know, you can use your left and right keyboard arrows to go forward and backwards 10 seconds (or more with multiple clicks) for a quick replay.

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  16. junkyardawg41

    I forgot how hard Zeus ran in that game. He might not have his wiggle all the way back but you can tell he might have done a squat or two. Sheesh.

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  17. Russ

    Hot Pod kind of got the shaft on those highlights.


  18. 69Dawg

    Well it’s not like Cinci didn’t look at the MSU tape and see we could not block twists, stunts and blitzes. They just were smart enough and good enough to execute it better than MSU. I remember one play that Ericson doubled with the left guard on the DT and left a alley straight up the middle for a LB and I thought if JT gets up from this one he is OK. Our OL was built by Pittman to road grade and pass block. It will take time to teach them some of the new pass blocking and run blocking that Luke wants. Here’s hoping that they are being offseason trained to move and not just stand like a wall.