Grass is greener rankings

247Sports has posted the transfer portal numbers.  Here’s how the SEC shapes up on the departure front:


Yes, those numbers include walk-ons, judging by Georgia’s list.  Every one of Georgia’s departing players has landed elsewhere.

Hate to keep beating a dead horse, but the Vols have lost an entire signing class to the transfer portal.  That’s stunning, especially considering the quality of some of the players who’ve left.

On the other hand, you’ve got to hand it to Nick Saban, don’t you?  All that talent stacked up, along with a monster 2021 class, and only six players head for the hills.


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56 responses to “Grass is greener rankings

  1. 81Dog

    Is there a chart like that showing the number of transfers in? I guess that’s a rolling number, but it would be interesting to see what the net transfer loss/gain is. At a place like Alabama, which recruits well, I’d expect it to be a net loss by a good bit. At Florida, I’d expect a high net gain. TN seems to be giving itself the death penalty.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I try not to be a conspiracy theorist, with one constant exception. The fix is in at Alabama. It’s like the law firm Bendini, Lambert & Locke.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Nobody pays like the Red Elephant Club so a bigger payday isn’t really available.


  4. Let’s wait until spring practice is over, and Little Nicky is finished handing out walking papers … sorry, I meant scholarships.

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    • Dawg in Austin

      Agreed, but I think June 1 is the next cutoff for the 85 limit. No way their number stays at 6. You can only fudge for so long.


      • Down Island Way

        Quick question for you…(you may have no knowledge), does that U down your way (and others) just plain old out spend no matter what, either publicly or privately, given dollars involved with the current fire/hire conditions/contracts…tv contracts, alumni/booster fund raising not withstanding, from the outside it seems as though writing checks is a hind sight issue, they want it, they get it….


        • Dawg in Austin

          Yeah, it’s truly another world at UT, financially speaking. But they can’t manage or properly direct that money worth a damn, which is their biggest problem.


  5. Down Island Way

    A number of 1500 (+/-) student athletes are in the football transfer portal, that is a few peeps looking for a place to land…if the HC at institution U is worth their coin and convinces his players and staff that this is where they want/need to be for achieving life goals, gain the competitive edge and exceed expectations that transferring is not a viable option…maybe Saban ain’t got time for that shit…


  6. I’m wondering if LSU gets closer to TN numbers as their situation unfolds?


  7. J.R. Clark

    Mike Leach has to be happy about all the UT drama, otherwise his dumpster fire would be hotter and stinkier…

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  8. armydawg

    Really surprised at Mizzou’s number. I thought their new coach is loved by the players and he has the program moving in a positive direction. Same for Arkansas.

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    • 86bone

      Army I feel like there will always be attrition as kids will be looking for more playing time, closer to home, etc. But I agree w you 100% concerning those two coaches and programs…both very solid.


  9. originaluglydawg

    “The College Football Player Exchange”, or “The Sale Barn”.
    To have high numbers is an indication that a program isn’t healthy, but to have lower numbers might indicate that some culling is going on by the coaching staff.
    To be blunt, I’d bet some of these kids are encouraged by their coaches to find greener pastures.
    That sucks, but you know it happens.
    QUESTION…if a kid enters the portal and has no takers, does he stay on scholarship or does he lose it? Is it the same thing as quitting the team?


    • silvercreekdawg

      Frankly, it depends on the school. It’s their option. Also remember, the player has the option to take his name out of the portal as well, but the school doesn’t have to take him back either.

      Clemson is notorious for immediately yanking scholarships from those who enter the portal; other schools, not so much.

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    • Robert Beal is a guy who put his name in last year, and Kirby welcomed him back.

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  10. sniffer

    My problem with all this stems from the fact that the SEC East now has three really poor teams. USC, Vandy and UT are bad now and their prospects of improvement are far into the future. The downshot of this is our schedule gets dawggraded and the conference as a whole is weakened.


  11. David D

    That Tennessee depth chart gonna have some faculty members on it.

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  12. And of course Bama signs top classes and somehow manages to keep those guys around better than the rest of the conference.

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    • Russ

      Looking at the Tennessee numbers, I see To’o To’o is predicted to land at Bama. Like they need him. Why couldn’t we have gotten one of the DBs? Or was the Pruitt stench too hard to wash off?


      • I’m holding out hope for the guy leaving WV as he looks like a really good DB. I don’t know the answers, though. We have a former elite DB coach as HC and here we are, really needing DBs.

        This post kinda highlights what seems like yet another difference between Georgia and Bama. I don’t KNOW if it’s the case but Kirby seems to have a revolving door policy for players and coaches alike. Kirby has had several guys declare and it didn’t pan out for them while Bama has had guys stay when they could have done well in the draft. I could see him being that way to help keep recruiting strong but it hurt this year with early declarations AND transfers. Whatever the reason, Bama seems to be better at getting and retaining guys and managing their roster. Shocker- Bama is better at another detail. Thru keep winning championships. Elite talent keeps stacking an already stacked roster. It’s a real vicious cycle for everyone else. Ugh!

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  13. Russ

    I forgot about Netori Johnson in the portal. I think he sort of got Tripp’d during his time here. Hope he does well.

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  14. Teacher Martin

    Saban keeps his players because he plays for championships. Unlike a former UGA coach he knows rings do mean something.


  15. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Saban keeps his players because the players momma and/or the players handlers like their new jobs/houses/cars/casino chips,etc that their alabama internship is allowing them to partake.
    It is not some secret formula that saban is disseminating from tuscaloosa. It is the legal tender being dispensed from the atms in non-stupid mickey ds bags.

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  16. uga97

    Bama is the nfl’s portal.

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  17. Greg

    “you’ve got to hand it to Nick Saban, don’t you?”

    And Kirby too??

    Looks like 2 were walk-ons for UGA transferred, which would bring them down to 7 scholarship transfers…..if you are comparing.

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  18. I wonder how good of a team you could make just from the SEC transfer pool? And yet Tech still sucks.


    • 69Dawg

      Obviously Techs academic requirement are such that a transfer student from a lesser institution would be behind the eight ball (LOL).


      • Texas Dawg

        They must have raised those academic requirements. Apparently being able to count to 4 was not a requirement to play football at Tech in the past (here’s looking at you Reggie Ball)

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  19. unionjackgin

    Any data on how the portal #’s are compared to previous non-COVID seasons? It will be interesting to compare numbers in subsequent seasons too.


  20. 69Dawg

    We all make fun of Cousin Eddie for his retarded recruiting but the man is loading up from the transfer portal with proven players. I think he has really shifted UF’s focus. Lets face it he can coach some offense and with his new TE toy it is going to be Pitts part two.


    • rigger92

      Yeah, but the other side of the coin to this is, can cousin Eddie manage the not so rosy picture of the players he did recruit getting the boot to make room for these transfers. And also, the Florida HS programs sure don’t like to see their players getting snubbed in favor of transfers, so there’s a reputation there as well. The locker room and the welcome mat at high school programs could potentially run cold on him.


    • Biggen

      My counter to that is “big deal”. So far, how many guys that went into the portal came out the other end better than where they were AND helped their team tremendously because of it? Burrow for sure. Who else? Mayfield probably too (the portal was around in 2016 right?) Fields would have had the job last year at UGA had he just stuck around and he didn’t do any better (hardware wise) at OSU than the did at UGA. Of course we still don’t know how we will do with Daniels yet. I can’t think of anyone else that truly made a monumental impact on how their team finished.

      My point is these guys are transferring for a reason. Maybe they aren’t as good as their rating and can’t earn playing time. Maybe they are home sick. Maybe their attitude sucks and the coach told them to “take a hike”. Whatever it is, I’d be leery of leaning on the portal heavily because it doesn’t sound like a great strategy to build your roster because you really don’t know for sure why they are leaving the first program no matter what they say.

      Shit Stain Dan thinks he has found a “short cut” to recruiting and I think that will bite him in the ass eventually.

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  21. ASEF

    It is odd to see Georgia and Alabama with modest transfer numbers. Of course, that’s balanced somewhat by early entries to the draft, but that’s the exact problem you want to have.


  22. SCDawg

    We have a TE transfer to Hawaii?


  23. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Apparently nobody wants to leave Kentucky. At least not many.


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