A recurring thought on Clemson

Three tweets from David Hale:

Getting a healthy Justyn Ross back will be huge…”  I continue to maintain that Georgia’s opening game will be decided by which team’s offensive line has the most success, but if you’re looking for the key player, I’m becoming more convinced that Ross’ health is the second more important factor.  Clemson’s got a lot of talented, lanky receivers, but they didn’t get as much out of the group last season as you would have expected.  Ross back in the lineup makes them a more dangerous bunch.

It’s interesting that with less than two months to go, there’s still no word on whether he has a clean bill of health.  It’s definitely something to keep an eye on.


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16 responses to “A recurring thought on Clemson

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Matt Landers proves the tall and lanky doth not make a serviceable WR nor one that will risk diving for a ball per fear of a grass-stained uniform.


  2. Greg

    probably right on the OL….and they are indeed a different team with Ross in there.

    But you also got to factor the two defenses, both teams have pretty damn good front 4/3….or whatever defense they are in.

    I just think we are a little better with Davis in there……we are a completely different team when he is playing & healthy…..just as Clemson is with Ross. Davis makes the entire defense work.

    Production on offense will probably be about the same for both teams on offense.

    It’s gonna be a good one imo, but think we come out ahead due to defense…


  3. Darin Cochran

    I recently posted on a thread on their forum. The op was asking why they were so confident they would beat us. Alot more unrealistic posters that thought they were going to mop the floor with us than I thought. I thought they were alot more open minded and realistic than that.

    Most of it was geared toward KS choking in big games. Most thought Daniels was overrated and slow, etc. Some thought losing Pickens was the end of the world for our WR corp. And of course, Kendrick was a slow, overrated goofball that burned in the big games and they was glad he was gone. And there were some that just said Clemson was a more talented team. I didn’t bother throwing up the recruiting class rankings for the last five years to refute this…I figured it would do no good. Some fans are just gonna believe what they believe and Jesus Himself could appear to them and tell them otherwise, and they STILL wouldn’t believe it.


    • rigger92

      I live in SC a couple hours E of Athens. Most people around me are clemson fans with their golf carts and wearing orange every day. The locals are just so confident that they are going to win going away and don’t even entertain the thought that this may be a tight game. Whatever online culture is out there fueling all of this over confidence is doing it’s job. What burns me is that they can’t see that the weakness of the ACC is the only reason this positive reinforcement environment exists, as in, they are automatically in the playoff. They think it’s been earned. That’s not to say that they are outclassed in the playoff, it’s just that they get to “develop” their two and three deep with so much playing time throughout the season and they do a good job of it.

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    • jcdawg83

      Try living near their fans. There is no more obnoxious group on the planet. Florida fans are intelligent, courteous and realistic compared to Clemson fans. Clemson fans refuse to recognize that their team pads its stats by feasting on weak “Almost College Conference” teams all season and their echo chamber self admiration society fans feed off of reading their own press.

      Clemson has a very good team with legit SEC talent but their schedule allows them to sleepwalk through 10 or 11 games a season and really only have to focus on maybe one game before the playoff. Their conference championship game usually involves facing a four loss mediocre ACC team. They have almost no chance of losing a regular season game most years. A loss to us should eliminate them from playoff consideration but ESPN loves Dabo and Clemson so, unless they don’t win the ACC championship, which will be highly unlikely, they will be in the playoff.

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      • rigger92

        It’s like we are neighbors, lol


      • Greg

        Know what you are going through, lived in Tennessee for a while. The worst I’ve ever been around…..but I have no comparison (Clemson).


        • amurraycuh

          I lived in Upstate SC during the 80s/early 90s, then moved to Tennessee in the mid 90s. UT fans are the worst, by far.

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          • Greg

            yeah…..can’t imagine any other school worse.

            lived there through the 9 game winning streak, they were there 24/7/365 reminding you daily. had some great friends there…what I would call brothers, but they become different people football time.

            the last 10-15 years have been very pleasing to me.

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    • amurraycuh

      When you say Jesus, do you mean Dabo? Never mind, they would believe Jesus over Dabo…right?


  4. theotherdoug

    Those Clemson WR stats are with the number one QB in the NFL draft reading, audibling, and throwing.

    They’ve had so many great WRs over the years, it’s a lot like UGA with RBs, last year was down and if they don’t get Ross back it will probably be down this year too. Keep in mind that when I say down I men down from the best in CFB. They’re still very good.


  5. Ross is extremely talented, but I would have to assume recovering from a neck injury is similar to a significant leg injury. Until Ross trusts that he can take full contact, no one will know how effective he will be.

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  6. dawg100

    As an aside, FSU 14th … in the ACC for WRs. Having lived in the 80s and 90s, that is simple unthinkable to me!

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