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What they’ve been fighting for



Once you’re on that gravy train, it’s a painful bitch getting off.



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Moar gappin’

So, I’m reading David Wunderlich’s breakdown of talent on Florida’s 2021 offensive roster and it suddenly dawns on me:  there isn’t a single five-star player on it who’s a Mullen recruit.

The only five-stars on the list are two running backs, both transfers.  Here’s what David has to say about that:

Now, imagine this kind of talent average but for the entire roster. That’s approximately what Nick Saban’s Alabama has had for a while now, and in recent years Georgia and Ohio State have worked up to it too. Not even Clemson gets there, not the least because its coaches ignore talent ratings more than most and take some developmental picks.

It’s doubtful that Dan Mullen will ever recruit at the level that those top three programs are at, but savvy picks like what Clemson does plus his portal work can help close the gap. They just need to do it at more spots on the field.

Well, they’ve always got Todd Grantham’s fine work to fall back on.


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Perhaps a foreseen consequence

If there’s NIL, can EA be far behind?

Spurred by a major reversal by the NCAA, video game giant Electronic Arts says it is in the “early stages” of exploring the “possibility of including players in EA Sports College Football,” a company rep tells Axios.

Why it matters: EA, once the subject of a major lawsuit from NCAA athletes over the use of their likeness in the company’s video games, seemingly has the option to use them again, as restrictions against paying college athletes fall…

What they’re saying: “We are watching the recent developments regarding student-athlete name, image and likeness very closely. It’s still very early stages at this point, and we plan to explore the possibility of including players in EA Sports College Football,” the EA rep told Axios.

While a group licensing arrangement would no doubt be a more efficient way for EA to bargain, it could contract with players individually.  If the demand is there…


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“Anything that works elsewhere works even better in Las Vegas…’’

What a time to be alive, people.

One of the most influential event organizers in Las Vegas hopes to match the Pac-12 against opponents from the SEC and Big Ten in early-season showcase games at Allegiant Stadium in coming years.

“That’s something we will pursue,” Steve Hill, the CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, told the Hotline.

Hill “has a close working relationship with new Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff, the former president of MGM Sports and Entertainment.”

Well, that’s certainly convenient.  And I’m old enough to remember when Vegas and sports gambling were anathema to the folks running college sports.  Which is to say I’m at least seven years old.


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A positive unforeseen consequence?

I’m curious if you have an opinion about this.

Me?  I’m buying it, particularly Solomon’s last point.  I could very much see a bowl game wanting to pay a star player to show up and promote the event, contingent upon him suiting up and playing.  Know who else I could see doing that?  Mickey.

The math will be interesting, that’s for sure.  How much does it take to get a player not to opt out for the draft?


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All downhill from there

If you’re looking for the real villain in the story of college football’s postseason expansion run, let John Feinstein solve the mystery for you.

In those days, teams played an 11-game regular season and then possibly a bowl game, for a maximum of 12 games.

That began to change after an undefeated Georgia Tech team went to the second-tier Citrus Bowl after the 1990 season. Even though Georgia Tech shared the national title with a one-loss Colorado team, ACC Commissioner Gene Corrigan was furious because Tech hadn’t been considered for one of the major bowls.

Corrigan ordered his top lieutenant, Tom Mickle, to come up with a solution. Mickle did: Sitting in a Lone Star Steakhouse in Greensboro, N.C., he outlined a plan for something called the College Football Bowl Coalition, which guaranteed — among other things — that the ACC champion would be invited to a major bowl.

We should have known.  Effing Tech.


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“I feel like Tennessee is getting a good, solid corner.”

So, Brandon Turnage isn’t coming to Athens after all.  He’s going to take his talent to Knoxville.  No doubt the playing time opportunity is better there, so I can’t blame him for wanting that.

But then he had to spoil it all by saying something stupid like,

At Tennessee, the newcomer will have an opportunity to compete in what is a thin cornerback room for veteran coach Willie Martinez.

“He’s a real coach,” Turnage said about Martinez. “He’s been in the SEC for a long time and knows what he is doing. He has relationships with my old coaches, so that’s good. I know that I can trust him.”

Um… who wants to tell him?


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“… a momentary light affliction”

You’ve probably already heard the news, but I thought I’d post about it so y’all could share your thoughts.

It sucks for the man, but I have no doubt he’ll handle it with grace.




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