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Good freaking Gawd.

That’s it.  That’s the post.


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Zen and the art of quarterbacking

Grasshoppers, attend to the wisdom of JT Daniels.

That second quote sounds like something Monken tells him.




UPDATE #2:  Just putting this out there for general consumption…



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Ripped from the pages of GTP

I doubt Kirby reads this blog, but there sure are times when it sounds like he does.


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Today, in minor details

This just dropped.

No word on whether Smart’s grin when he said that was shit-eating sized.


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Oh, what used to be.

This one goes out to each and every Gator who loves to bandy about “1980” ($$).

Dan Mullen was prodded about the halcyon years, the ones that produced BCS hardware and a Heisman, the ones that set the post-Spurrier standard at Florida.

The question posed to him: Is it harder to win a national championship now than when the Gators did it in 2006 and 2008?

… But the difference in the league expanding from 12 to 14 teams hardly explains why Florida hasn’t won an SEC crown, much less sniffed a national title, in the past 12 years.

And Mullen knows it.

When he was the offensive coordinator, Florida was the king of college football back then. These days it is several seats removed in the line of succession.

“… several seats removed in the line of succession” is a nice turn of phrase, isn’t it?

And there’s this, about recruiting.

… There also have been a slew of five-star players that Florida loved and pursued and didn’t sign because of, well, Bama. Or Georgia. Or Ohio State. Or LSU. Or Clemson.

That’s a powerhouse list, and in terms of recruiting and roster depth, Florida no longer has a spot on it.

Pretty soon, all your Daily Gator is going to have is nostalgia.


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“Fourteen different perspectives”

It wouldn’t be an SEC Media Days without a conference scheduling discussion.  As the header indicates, there is no consensus for Sankey to act upon ($$).

“I don’t want to get the commissioner in trouble here,” Florida coach Dan Mullen said when asked if he had any thoughts on changing the schedule. “But I’d love for us to maybe do away with the permanent crossover team so you get these types of games more often.”

That’s one idea. And it’s especially popular outside of the schools that hold those marquee annual games: Auburn-Georgia, Alabama-Tennessee and LSU-Florida. Talk to many people outside those six schools and there’s almost an incredulous sense: Why do we keep doing everything we can to keep those games?

Easy to see when you aren’t a part of that.

So we get Mullen’s suggestion, or pods, or whatever.

Of course, the obvious course of action, adopting a nine-game conference schedule, isn’t so obvious, despite the conference taking a ten-game approach last season without any difficulty (and by “difficulty”, I mean SEC teams playing in the CFP and bowl games).  In fact, Sankey simply dismissed it.

“We had 10 (SEC) games last year but that didn’t motivate anybody to move to 10 games,” Sankey said.

That makes complete sense, if you exclude fans from your definition of “anybody”.


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That gap ain’t gonna shrink itself.

This is good, right?

Just think how much worse that would be if Dan Mullen wasn’t such an outstanding developer of talent.


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Markee, you’re doing a heck of a job.

Quite the fiscal year, NCAA.

NCAA president Mark Emmert made $2.9 million during the 2019-2020 fiscal year, a period when pandemic-related closures caused the organization’s revenue to drop by more than 50%.

The organization brought in $521 million between Sept. 1, 2019, and Aug. 31, 2020, down from more than $1 billion in revenue the previous fiscal year, according to tax returns provided to ESPN Monday.

Not that the guys at the top noticed.

Emmert and other top officials at the NCAA reported a slight increase in pay during the year. Donald Remy, who was recently confirmed for a position in the Biden administration, made $1.7 million as the NCAA’s chief operating officer during the 2019-20 year. Executive vice president Stan Wilcox made $1.3 million.

Remy deserved it, because he had to spend so much time reviewing outside counsels’ bills.

Remy, who had been Emmert’s closest advisor on a wide range of legal and rules-making matters, last week was confirmed as the Biden Administration’s Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Seven other NCAA executives were credited with total compensation of more than $550,000 for the 2019 calendar year.

The NCAA’s legal expenses for fiscal 2020 were just over $11 million more than the association had reported for this expense category for any single fiscal year, going back to at least fiscal 2009.

The association said in its statement Monday that the fiscal 2020 amount “is due to an accrual of $34.8 million related to the Alston case.”

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the Alston antitrust case had been awarded $33.2 million in fees and costs for the trial phase of the case. The plaintiffs’ lawyers recently filed for an additional $3.5 million in fees and costs for the case’s appellate phase.

Over its past six fiscal years, the NCAA has reported a total of $252.1 million in outside legal expenses and $69.1 million in legal-cost insurance recoveries.

The good news is that things promise to stay busy for his successor.

Hey, they’re getting the band back together!

You know the cliché about how your sixteen-year old could do a better job?  When it comes to the NCAA, it’s not a cliché.


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TFW you forget to bring your PR person to SEC Media Days

Of all the answers in the world, this is certainly one of them.

… Late last month, Orgeron was added as a defendant to a Title IX lawsuit claiming he failed to report a rape allegation against former running back Derrius Guice.

When that topic came up, Orgeron said, “That’s something I’m not going to comment on. It’s an ongoing investigation, and I’m not going to comment on any of that. Thanks for asking, though.”

Gosh, I’m sure that will settle things.  Best of luck with that approach in your deposition, fella.


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The “f” word

Greg Sankey to SEC teams:  get vaccinated, or get fucked.

One thing the conference can control is what it will do if a team is unable to play because of coronavirus issues. Sankey said games won’t be postponed and has recommended that the conference removes the 53-man roster minimum that was put in place last year.

The message to schools is “You’re expected to play as scheduled,” Sankey said.

“That means your team needs to be healthy to compete, and if not, that game won’t be rescheduled,” he said. “And thus, to dispose of the game, the ‘forfeit’ word comes up at this point.”

I guess that means the Georgia-Vanderbilt game is on this season.


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