Updated SP+ rankings

Hot off the press, Bill Connelly’s moved Georgia up one tick, to fifth.

Interestingly, the Big Ten now sports a higher collective SP+ average than does the SEC.  Here’s why:

The Big Ten ekes out the advantage over the SEC, in part because of how little SP+ thinks of the SEC East. Georgia and Florida are each in the top 12 overall, but no other East team ranks in the top 40, and two rank outside of the top 80. The Big Ten’s bottom teams grade out just better enough to give it the edge. (The SEC still has Bama, though. That’s an edge, too.)

Before you ask, yes, the ACC is significantly worse.  But not Clemson, unfortunately.


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15 responses to “Updated SP+ rankings

  1. beatarmy92

    Interestingly, the Clemson-UGA differential of 3.2 is the line for the game. Not surprising since the SP+ is a pretty accurate predictor of point spread outcomes.

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    • MGW

      It was about the time Bill announced that his model was neck and neck with the best paid subscription service’s model in first place as the most accurate computer against the spread (at like 53-55%) for a few straight years that he got snapped up by ESPN.

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  2. MGW

    “If Georgia can’t beat some combination of all four statistically superior teams four separate times this year, then Kirby just can’t win the big one.”

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  3. redhotchilidawg

    You just hate to see Trek at 62 and South Carolina at 89(!).

    How is Tennessee at 41, with that decimated roster? Gimme the under all day on that one.

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    • miltondawg

      Agreed. UT at 41 is pretty suspect to me. New staff top to bottom, new offensive and defensive schemes, and several of their better players that could have returned playing somewhere else in 2021. Doesn’t add up to me.

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    I’d like to see the SECE line up on GT’s division…I predict a 5-2 record at worst.

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  5. miltondawg

    If I were going to bet serious money, like one of my kids’ entire 529 plan, on any team in that group of top 5 to go 12-0 and win their conference championship, it would be Ohio State. Double digit favorites as of now in every game on their schedule with their only game of interest being Oregon in Columbus who they should beat (currently favored by 10.5).

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    • jcdawg83

      Probably true, if Clem beats us they will coast to 13-0.

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    • akascuba

      tOSU road to the CFB playoff is the easiest in the nation even with a loss. Its not sure a thing conference champion Clemson gets in with one loss if to Georgia. This season if the PAC12 has a one loss champion my guess is they jump the ACC. The eyeball test = who gets ESPN the most money.


      • PTC DAWG

        The West Coast fails in the eyeball test every time..unless it’s USC.

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        • rigger92

          ESPN will analyze the viewership numbers first though. You’re right but those damn Clemson numbers will be looked at, especially if they are rated high enough to possibly win it all. There’s a reason Connelly is on staff now….