Bill Connelly begs to differ with Dabo.

I don’t think he’s handing out a C-minus to Clemson here ($$).

Georgia has finished each of the past two seasons first in defensive SP+, so it says something that we just witnessed the best defensive performance of the Kirby Smart era in Athens.

Even when you take Clemson’s own issues into account — new starting quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei was facing an elite defense (that had eight months to prepare) for the first time, star receiver Justyn Ross was shaking off rust after missing 2020 — this was staggering. The Tigers hadn’t been held under 5.4 yards per play or 21 points in 42 games, and they managed just 3.0 and three, respectively, in Charlotte. Clemson receiver Joe Ngata caught six passes for 110 yards, but 54 other Clemson snaps gained just 70. Uiagalelei was sacked seven times. The Dawg defense even scored the game’s only touchdown, a 74-yard pick-six from Christopher Smith.

Georgia’s defense was so dominant that it’s hard to know what else to take away from the game.

Unless he’s grading on a curve, of course.


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19 responses to “Bill Connelly begs to differ with Dabo.

  1. But, but, but Ukulele held on to the ball too long, receivers ran the wrong routes, and Clemson made a bunch of mistakes.

    Hey, F-bum and Dabo, am I doing this right?

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    • Muttley

      Thanks to the dominant performance by our defense, I find it unnecessary to learn how to pronounce that guy’s name. If you like-a Ukulele Lady, Ukulele Lady like-a you.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Well, the majority of national CFB writers are out in full force damning us with faint praise this morning. The Floriduh grad writers over on SDS are downplaying our injuries, not even talking about losing both our guards in the game, and using their ‘turd anonymous sources on Sideshow Dan’s staff to say stupid shit like how SEC teams will be able to scheme around our defense.

    So yep. We’ve gone from an amazing win to it basically means nothing.

    Fuck all the motherfuckers!

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  3. Biggen

    I wasn’t sold on Ugoogoolulu being the second coming of Sunshine when I saw him last year. Clemson played no one, lost to ND, and finally got throttled by OSU.

    But I didn’t think we would sack him 7 times either. He was beyond rattled the entire game. I think he probably is still waking up in cold sweats seeing Dean, Anderson, Davis, and Co. coming down hill at him unblocked.

    And what is that ridiculous getup he was wearing for his postgame interview? Jesus…


  4. Watched the TV replay last night and the common taters mostly failed to give the Dawg D due credit. It was like Clemson played a team that isn’t known for good defense. Oh well.

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  5. ASEF

    Same Clemson we saw against Ohio State minus a #1 pick at QB and Etienne. I didn’t see how they were going to get better over the off-season, and they got worse.

    Example: I watched their RB Shipley – Lanning ignored him. Unless he responsible for a blitz pick up, in which case Lanning abused him. Maybe the kid’s gutty and reminds Dabo of himself? Whatever. He had no business being on that field trying to contend with that front 7. I’m sure Shipley will rack up all kinds of yards against Wake Forest, Louisville, and NC State.

    Lanning identified 3 or 4 Shipley’s on that offense and ate them alive.

    That game had to be a shot below the waterline to Dabo’s recruiting operation. “Hey, 5-star, come to Clemson and have a huge spotlight! And get mauled when all the 5-star hearts around you can’t compete on the biggest stage.”

    Dabo’s got his ass kicked the last 3 times he’s stepped into the heavyweight ring.

    Doesn’t change how dominant Georgia was, but Kirby’s challenge now is to get them to grow into something more by season’s end. Not an easy task.

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  6. Harold Miller

    Quick question. What ever happened to Mr. “when we beat Georgia like a drum”?

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  7. Whiskey Dawg

    I guess you could say the Georgia defense really “irked” Dabbo.

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  8. The Truth

    Not saying there was, not saying there wasn’t, just asking: was there an Agent Muschamp effect on the way our D played?