Aging like a fine wine

Hey, 70-year old Nick Saban wants you to know he’s discovered something.

Alabama coach Nick Saban believes college football is heading down the path of megaconferences.

During an appearance on the “Always College Football” podcast this week, Saban lamented the way realignment has stripped the tradition associated with playing in the same conference over a prolonged period of time.

… “But I think we’re going to deal with it in a greater capacity than ever before because I think megaconferences are probably here to stay,” Saban said. “Market share, there’s a lot of that involved in why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

Thanks, boss.  I hadn’t noticed until you brought it to my attention.

Meanwhile, Steve Spurrier tells us Clemson’s a good fit for the SEC because…

Clemson didn’t resemble an ACC football team throughout the 1980s – not to Steve Spurrier, who was a Duke assistant and later its coach during that decade. The Tigers won the ACC five times in the ’80s.

“When I coached at Duke, Clemson was actually like an SEC school in the ACC,” Spurrier said. “That was before FSU, Syracuse and Virginia Tech (joined the ACC). When you played Clemson, they looked like SEC guys.”

… “Their defensive guys were a little bit bigger, a little bit faster,” Spurrier said of Clemson’s ’80s teams. “They just lined up and tried to smash you. That was their style of offense.

“They certainly could slide right into the SEC.”

The point isn’t that these two have grown senile.  It’s that they’ve been listening to their own bullshit and having the media treat the banal as brilliance for so long, that it’s become the default position.



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6 responses to “Aging like a fine wine

  1. RangerRuss

    Last time I saw those two assholes on a college football field they were shaking the hand of the Dawgs HC that just beat their ass.
    Fuckn losers.

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  2. fisheriesdawg

    Tony Barnhart wants to know what in the world you are talking about.

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  3. Dawg in Austin

    Human being looks up and says sky is blue, news at 11.


  4. 69Dawg

    I think Saban has the affliction that a lot of old coaches have, it’s called the “Bear Bryant” death after retiring model. Saban is 70 now and yes he can keep coaching as long as he wants but, after this year he must feel it’s beginning to slip away. His intensity and perfection is tough on a young coach and screaming and berating his coaches is one reason his coaching staff has a revolving door. How the hell Kirby put up with it as long as he did is a testimony to Kirby’s loyalty and character. Jimbo and Kirby could become the straws that break the Great One.

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