A simple question

What’s the over/under on the number of nooners Georgia plays this coming season?  (Bonus question:  will they all be in the month of September?)


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  1. voxdawg

    Just wondering which would be a night game, and will it be permitted?


  2. Over/under 5.5 and that’s because I would bet that one of the games ends up as an SEC Network prime time game.

    I don’t believe South Carolina ends up at noon unless ESPN put it up against Big Noon.

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  3. Those cupcake games are embarrassing. A two-time national champion should have a better schedule than that.


  4. Gaskilldawg

    Depends upon how good Auburn, Missouri, Mississippi and Tech are playing 10 days before our game.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Isn’t the CBS weekly 3:30 game history now? I would’ve expected us to get 4 or more of those. With CBS scheduling out of the picture I don’t know what to expect.


  6. Granthams Replacement

    I wish Georgia would open in the air conditioned Mercedes Benz every year.

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  7. Dawgfan1995

    I think it’s possible that ESPN chooses that Sakerlina game to be a night game for two reasons: the halo effect around Sakerlina after its end of last season and because they are fully aware of how Georgia did not have a night game last year.

    Actual nooners, IMO: UT-Martin, Ball State, UAB, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech.

    Possible nooners: Sakerlina, Mizzou, Kentucky

    3:30 games (for CBS’s last season): Florida, Tennessee

    Night games: Auburn, Ole Miss (I don’t think OM will be good enough to make this a 3:30 game).

    CBS might push UT to a night game, but they usually have blown their doubleheader night game by that point. I’m also not sure how the scheduling will interact with CBS’s obligations to the B1G starting next season.


    • fisheriesdawg

      CBS will not do the 3:30/8 doubleheader the weekend of the Tennessee game. The next best game that weekend is between Florida/Missouri and Kentucky/South Carolina. Everyone else has cupcakes that day. You can go ahead and write Georgia @ Tennessee in stone as a 3:30 kick.

      If I had to guess, the 3:30/8 DH will be on either November 4th or 11th.

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      • Dawgfan1995

        Good catch — I hadn’t looked at the other games during that week to see what the other permutations might be. Considering that is cupcake Saturday, you’re right — we’re almost guaranteed at this point to be a 3:30 game unless something very weird and drastic happens between now and then.

        The only caveat might be if there is an option to put an SEC game at night with a B1G game at 3:30. I don’t know how that works.


  8. The Truth

    Looking at that tweet, I think an interesting question is: How do you feel if you’re Kendall Milton? Not trying to stir the shit, just wondering if our culture is SO good it’s not been stirred?


  9. Russ

    Better have your sunscreen ready!


  10. bwaredogs

    Anyone know the rules on how many games CBS gets to pick before ESPN gets a pick? Then how many does ESPN get before the rest are assigned later?


    • CBS gets first pick except 1 week a year where ESPN gets first selection IIRC.


      • bwaredogs

        ee – thanks. I meant picking before the season starts. CBS always grabs the Florida game and usually UT/UF, but how many more? Seems like those are announced in the spring/summer. Remember folks referring to CBS passing on Florida game in 2022 which is why ESPN grabbed it pre-season.


        • I think the SEC announces some of the kickoff times at the spring meetings. CBS will pick the Cocktail Party and possibly their first week or 2 of 3:30 games. If Auburn and Alabama are already predicted to be good, they may announce the Iron Bowl. Finally, they sometimes will announce the 1 prime time game like the ND game or the Georgia-Alabama game from 2020.

          My bet would be that CBS will announce:
          Cocktail Party
          Texas at Alabama (prime time)
          Possibly Georgia at Tennessee

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        • Later in the summer around when camp opens, the SEC will announce the full slate of times/networks for the first couple of weeks.


  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I put the over under at 6.

    I’m taking the over.


  12. Texas Dawg

    Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, and South Carolina have the potential to not be nooners. It would be hard to argue for the others.


  13. jcdawg83

    I’ve reached the age where I prefer noon to night games if I have to pick my poison. We get there early either way and with the noon game we can set the tailgate back up after the game and watch the 3:30 game(s) before going home and still getting home at a decent hour.

    I have sort of aged out of the getting home at 1:30 am after a night game and enjoying it.

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  14. Previously Paul

    With UT Martin, Ball State and UAB I’d be hard pressed to leave the tailgate and go inside the stadium. Especially if I have a TV at the tailgate. Far more entertaining than any of those games. And that’s if I even bother to load up and go to Athens. Which, admittedly, I won’t be too excited about doing. This would be true even if UGA had lost three games last year and gone to a minor bowl. I’ve never liked cupcakes. But following back to back championships these games offer zero incentive to watch. And I’m an alumni and lifelong fan. The casual fan will not watch. All three should buried or perhaps not televised at all.


  15. whb209

    Just WIN baby


  16. stoopnagle

    It’s all relative. Who is playing whom in other games? Add in that networks are putting marquee games at noon now, and it’s hard to tell.

    First, UT-M will be SECN+, so it can be at anytime Kirby wants it. My guess: noon. Kirby will want to get it out of the way ASAP and will count on the excitement of game one to bring in fans. For the other buy games, I bet they fall to SECN at 4 or 7:30.

    I think Carolina and Mississippi are good candidates for 3:30 kicks.


  17. uga97

    Only 1 home nooner i care we have- ole piss, just so we can get an extra jump on the UT road game prep.


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