No, they can’t take that away from him.

You can make arguments for and against whether Florida winning the national championship last night is a good thing for Georgia. But as I went to bed last night, rather than pondering the game’s effect on the Dawgnation, I thought of the one person who clearly came out on the short end of the stick: Tommy Tuberville.

He had to be gritting his teeth last night, didn’t he? First of all, he’s watching a one loss SEC team pull off the win his undefeated ’04 squad never even got to play for. Second, he’s watching an inept defensive display from the #1 team in the country against a school that his team came back in the second half and beat without scoring an offensive touchdown.

And last night kind of put the smack down on the whole “the SEC can’t win a national championship without a playoff” mantra he been chanting since 2004 – which for me, as an extended playoff opponent, swings the balance in favor of the Gators’ win being a good thing.

But, Tommy, don’t despair. You’ll always have those special memories from that “championship” parade to cherish:

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