Tony Barnhart’s ’07 Top 25

Last season’s body hasn’t even cooled yet, and the AJC‘s Tony Barnhart has his 2007 preseason top 25 list out already.

A few notes:

  • I totally agree with Southern Cal being his pick at #1, especially given that fact that all but one starter returns on the defensive side of the ball.
  • And with the losses Florida is looking at on the defense, #5 would seem a little high – but, then again, that didn’t seem to hurt Ohio State too much this season (except in the end, maybe).
  • LSU’s schedule sets up nicely. Miles’ new hires would seem to be the key for them in ’07.
  • Arky at #9 seems high. They’ve got to solve their QB problem, as well as the obvious morale issues that surfaced at season’s end. Still, their OOC schedule is a complete embarrassment that, combined with the two Mississippi schools, gives them six wins out of the gate without breaking a sweat.
  • If Wake Forest finishes next season at #12, the ACC is officially hopeless.
  • Auburn’s road schedule, with trips to LSU, Arkansas, Florida and Georgia, is brutal.
  • The Dawgs look about right at #16. If Searles works magic with the offensive line, Georgia looks to be much better. If not…
  • I’d rank Tennessee higher than #17. They have a leg up on Georgia and Florida with an experienced starting QB coming back in Ainge. Of course, if they can’t run the ball any better next season than they did in ’06, that won’t be enough.
  • South Carolina at #19? With Rice leaving early and that road schedule, that seems a bit of a stretch. Of course, any Gamecock fan will tell you that ranking is awfully low for a BCS bound team.
  • Notre Dame at #21? Stop the madness. Please.
  • There’s no mention of post-Reggie Ball Georgia Tech. How can that be?


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2 responses to “Tony Barnhart’s ’07 Top 25

  1. I think So Car is underrated based on the way they finished and ND based on how well Weis has recruited in his first 2 years.

    WFU at 12??? I guess if you think they will get their starting QB & RB back from injuries . . . but still . . . I’d be shocked.


  2. As for ND, he better have recruited well.

    I think they only return five starters next year.