With experience comes wisdom.

I’m prepared to take back every snarky thing I’ve ever posted about the Zooker after seeing this quote:

“Florida didn’t win their first SEC title until 1991 and now they think they invented football.”

Hey, he ought to know, right?

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  1. Tenn_Dawg

    I love that quote and it is so very true. There were many reasons why I wanted to see Georgia play USC in the Rose bowl in January and one of them was because the powers that be were projecting a Florida/Illinois matchup in a bowl if in fact UGA was selected by the Rose. I would have loved nothing more than to see the Zooker stick it to UF and Urban.

    For all the crap that man got from UF fans and others, and yes a lot of it was deserved, he did pull off some impressive things while at UF like beating CMR with very good Dawg teams all but once and giving the ’03 Champions LSU and the great Nick Saban their lone loss that season. I’m still holding out hope that one day he will be able to stick it to UF.