Déjà vu for Coach Searels

It looks like things are getting a little challenging on the offensive line for the Georgia Southern game.

Georgia offensive linemen Trinton Sturdivant and Justin Anderson were arrested and jailed Monday night on charges of simple battery, according to the Clarke County Jail booking report.

Sturdivant, 19, a starting tackle from Wadesboro, N.C., was booked at 9:56 p.m. and released at 10:46 p.m. on a $1,500 bond. Anderson, 20, a guard from Ocilla, Ga., was booked at 9:49 p.m and released at 11:07 p.m., also on a $1,500 bond.

The arrests could leave Georgia thin on the offensive line at least for its season opener against Georgia Southern on Aug. 30 if they bring suspensions from Coach Mark Richt.

Starting offensive guard Clint Boling is already facing the possibility of a suspension of at least one game for a DUI arrest in Alpharetta in May.

Same song, different verse.  Sigh.  At least Searels is used to it.


UPDATE: If this report is true, there doesn’t seem to be much to this.


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15 responses to “Déjà vu for Coach Searels

  1. Teh Commish


    This is getting ridiculous…well, i guess this has been ridiculous for quite some time. But Sturdivant? The student body president? The Academic All American???

    F*CK tha ACC Police!


  2. Crikey

    Is it that hard not to get arrested! Seriously guys. Step one: Just don’t get arrested.
    Step two: Rinse. Repeat.
    (And go to class.) Please. We are pulling for you, but you guys are killing us.


  3. dean

    Sounds like some gassers for Sturdivant and Bean. Lemon, however, could miss some time. It reads like Lemon just beat the kid down. It would be nice to know what led to the altercation (trash talk, money, women) because I doubt Lemon just felt like it.


  4. dean

    I just read the story on the R&B site and it reads like Lemon was in a drunken rage of jealously. Apparently Lemon approached the guy at a bar-b-que and asked him why he was trying to “take his girl”. I’m not getting into the fact that the girl didn’t actually belong to Lemon but the guy denied knowing what Lemon was talking about so Lemon punched him, approximately 5x’s.
    Eye witnesses said that after Lemon was pulled off the dude, Smokey leaned over and told the guy “You just got knocked da F*uck out”.


  5. mykiesee

    Now I guess we know why the admin schedules a couple of easier games at the beginning of the season. Hopefully the suspensions will be over with before the South Carolina game.

    The blame goes to the players but, for the simple assault charges, it does seem that the Athens police are just a wee bit over-zealous. Especially comparing that to the things I did in college.


  6. 69Dawg

    Did anyone notice that the girl alleging the touching was not a student. What the heck is a Bogart babe doing in the dorms early Friday morning. This smells to high heavens. This is yet another reason for Jock Dorms.


  7. Ally

    The case with Michael Lemon concerns me greatly, and I certainly don’t see it as a laughing matter.

    IF what is alleged concerning Michael is proven to be true, then I pray Michael is off the team for good. And I hope he does some serious time for his crime.

    Beating a man so severely that it is described as hitting him with a baseball bat, nearly blowing out his eye, leveling him unconscious, requiring an ambulance & hospitalization, to the point that Michael was pulled of his victim…. is absolutely a level of voilence that CANNOT EVER BE TOLERATED. Period.

    Does he realize that he could’ve killed this man?

    He needs to be suspended indefinitely until his day in court, and if convicted he deserves to be kicked off the team. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Ever.


  8. FWIW, currently Lemon is merely a suspect. He hasn’t been charged.


  9. Ally

    and that’s exactly why I said “IF”


  10. NebraskaDawg

    I still have some eligibility left, although I’m a little light in the arse (6′ 200)


  11. Ally

    At this rate I’m pretty sure you’ll qualify.

    Hell, I think CSS would even take those big girls from Michigan’s football 101 class. I’m fairly certain they carry little to no risk in being popped for battery charges between Mommy & Me classes. And I’m also fairly certain they’re quite capable of stopping whatever D the gnats are gonna field.


  12. Anon

    Ally – what are you talking about?

    That is the kinda rage we need in our d-lineman. GATA!


  13. S.E. Dawg

    Even though we supposedly have the two easy games at the beginning of the season, those guys need real game experience before playing South Carolina. But coach Richt got to do what he’s got to do.


  14. Coastal Dawg

    I am not sure how this:
    “In separate affidivats, it is alleged that Sturdivant and Anderson each “did intentionally make physical contact of an insulting nature with (the alleged victim), who he does not know, when he approached her and touched her stomach.”

    is simple battery and something that should get anyone arrested.

    If these guys were not athletes I don’t see an arrest and no way their names splattered all over the paper.