A dish best served cold.

From Chris Low’s SEC blog at ESPN.com:

… The other edge Urban Meyer’s club has is revenge. Meyer’s eyes narrowed and his jaw stiffened at the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fla., when he was asked about the Bulldogs’ team dance party in the Florida end zone last November in Jacksonville, igniting a 42-30 Georgia win.

Revenge?  But that would make all these people wrong.



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5 responses to “A dish best served cold.

  1. dean

    What still puzzles me is the fact that no one seems to remember Florida having over 3 1/2 quarters to get “revenge”. Most people act like the celebration occurred as time expired and Florida had no time to retort. I know, I know Tebow was hurt or they would put a half-a-hundred on us.
    Wouldn’t you think the dawgs would be out for revenge after (as every gator fan never fails to mention) losing 15 of the last 18?


  2. I dunno, dean – you have to figure that it took Meyer at least two quarters to get past thinking “Damn! I wish I’d have thought of that…”


  3. NM

    I heard that the TVs at the Florida football complex have “The Celebration” running on a loop all off-season. (This was told to me by someone who heard it from a potential Georgia recruit that is also considering Florida.)


  4. Greg

    Does Urban’s jaw stiffen when talking about his Peach Bowl and Outback Bowl appearances along with Cap One Bowl losses despite all of his top 5 recruiting classes? A couple of plays don’t go his way during his one great year and everybody around the country is talking about how he’s underachieving and can’t cut it in the SEC.


  5. Joe

    Does the “stiffened jaw” replace the “point and stare?”

    I shudder to think.