I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true.

Plenty of idiocy to go around in this story:

The father of Oklahoma freshman quarterback Landry Jones says he plans legal action against a Nebraska football fan who allegedly posted a bogus story on an Internet message board claiming that two Sooner quarterbacks had been arrested on cocaine distribution charges.

James W. Conradt, a Nebraska football fan living in Austin, Texas, said he did not mean to hurt Oklahoma quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Landry Jones with his Internet hoax, according to a story posted on The Oklahoman’s Web site late Wednesday.

It started as you might expect.

… Conradt said he was on a Nebraska message board when some OU fans began writing smack.

“I just wanted to get em all riled up, I guess,” Conradt said.

He did an Internet search for Sooner sports and came across the newsok.com template. He told The Oklahoman he did not realize it was The Oklahoman’s Web site.

“It was a bad decision,” Conradt said. “When I got home, I got on my computer, one of the moderators on the Oklahoma site e-mailed me and said some Oklahoma people are upset about this. That’s when I took it down.”

And from there, it blew up.  Moron.

The father of one of the kids is talking legal action.  Maybe one of RichRod’s lawyers has time to help now.


UPDATE: The Wiz has an update worth taking a look at.


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3 responses to “I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true.

  1. Note to self…stop making stuff up.


  2. dean

    Cocaine distribution charge for Oklahoma QB’s false but for Alabama LB (I think) true.


  3. Speaking of ‘Bama, this seems a little cold.