Harvesting some low-hanging fruit

Don’t take my word for it.  Sly Croom can tell you where it’s a-happening:

“Because of all these tubes (U-Tube) we have on the Internet,” Croom said, “the public has so much access to what goes on so much quicker that a guy in a split second can change the entire course of his life by a decision that he makes.”

So here are a few things worthy of your perusal this fine morning:

  • We all know that David Ching has crossed over to the dark side.  He’s got a few observations about Mark Richt’s performance at SEC Media Days yesterday you might want to read.
  • Kyle’s got questions about Howard Schnellenberger’s mad math skillz.  Although I don’t think HS has ever miscounted downs, he’s never struck me as being the academic type, either.  That being said, I suspect he was looking at this proposal from the perspective of the little guys and neglected to game the whole thing out on his fingers and toes.
  • The guys at RazorBloggers Network score with my favorite preseason prediction of 2008:  Banners Flying Over Ole Miss Game.
  • A Michigan offensive lineman transfers to Ohio State, and Kirk Herbstreit worries about RichRod.  Go figure.


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2 responses to “Harvesting some low-hanging fruit

  1. peacedog

    I think Sly Croom is one of my favorite people ever now.


  2. Hey thanks for providing me a place to go read about my beloved Bulldogs besides AJC online. As a Peach living in the Wolverine state, there isn’t much coverage of SEC football here…big surprise. Now that I’ve found you, I don’t have to search like crazy for news. It seems you do that and have it packaged in one convenient spot for the rest of us to peruse.