Now you’ve gone too far.

The height of faux outrage:

… Urban Meyer and Florida aren’t the only ones who have some bitter memories about its game against the Bulldogs. Meyer didn’t like Georgia’s end zone celebration in a 42-30 Bulldogs win.

Auburn defensive tackle Sen’derrick Marks is still smarting from the 45-20 whipping the Tigers suffered last season to Georgia.

“Their team embarrassed us,” Marks said today at SEC Media Days. “They’ve beat us two years in a row but last year, they went black out. They danced on us. The mascot danced on us. The ballboy danced on us and the commentator even did a Soulja Boy on us.”

The commentator was in on it?  The bastard!

Hey, insult our players and our coaches.   But when you jump on Uncle Verne, man, that’s like peeing on the American flag.



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3 responses to “Now you’ve gone too far.

  1. Dear Auburn and Florida,

    Boo frickin hoo.


  2. 81Dog

    Verne Lundquist loves the Soulja Boy. It sounds like……VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s see. Florida is outraged that we beat them like rented mules. Auburn is outraged that we beat them like they stole something..two years in a row. Tech is vowing that their new, superduper unstoppable offense will pay us back for all those butt whippings since 1991 in years where they werent using double digits in ineligible players. We all know Les Miles sneers at us for thinking we deserved to be in the BCS title game. Does anyone think Nick Saban isnt smarting over UGA rolling into Tuscaloosa and shocking them in OT last year? Vandy probably thinks we got lucky and they owe us one for that. South Carolina is coached by Steve Spurrier, and who hates us more than Spurrier? Is there anyone in the SEC that Phil Fulmer doesnt hate? Basicially, it appears that there’s no reason for us to even play this season. Everyone is going to be gunning for us. Gloom, despair and agony await us. Even Chris Hatcher at Georgia Southern feels comfortable running his mouth about how they’re coming to Athens expecting to win. No one fears us. Everyone hates us. WE’RE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only hope that Central Michigan doesnt figure out a reason to make us number one on their hit list. I’d like for us to at least be able to win one game this year.


  3. Ladydawg

    I love it “they went blackout”. Ahhh – poor tiggers.