Saturday roundup

As the image of SEC Media Days recedes in our rear view mirrors, here are a few items for today:

  • I’m not sure if a headline like this says more about Spurrier or the South Carolina program.  Either way, that’s not meant as a compliment.
  • Paul links to a very complimentary article about Mark Richt that comes out of enemy territory.
  • Is this the next big thing(h/t AOL FanHouse)
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback sells out.  Great site; I hope he’s on to bigger and better.
  • I guess we should take this as a sign that somebody in Montana’s heard of the Dawgs.
  • How does Les Miles feel about making the big bucks“I’m embarrassed by it,” Miles said. “If I had my father alive, he’d say, ‘You’re not worth it.’ I’d say he’s right.”

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