Saturday rollin’ around

Fortunately it’s the last Saturday for a while without college football games being played, but here are a few items to tide you over until things get underway.

  • Darren Epps eloquently explains what should be an obvious truth:  the NFL is a poor template for college football.
  • Stewart Mandel, innovator.  Bet you’ve never heard of subjective statistics.  They’re probably big in Montana, though.
  • Taylor Zarzour’s fifteen minutes of fame get a little more disrepect.  Deservedly so.
  • I’ll also bet you didn’t realize how special Florida’s season was last year.
  • Of all the coaches to say that they use the spread offense to cover poor recruiting on the offensive line, Mack Brown is the last one I’d have thought to hear it from.

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One response to “Saturday rollin’ around

  1. Ally

    Hmm. Interesting column by Chris Low. I love the part where he talks about winng a second SECC will assist them in building a dynasty.

    Funny, UGA’s been putting up 10-win seasons with regulartiy since CMR arrived, along with big BCS wins, 2 SECC, and 3 Division titles. Along with a boatload of NFL draftees, coached & developed by one of the nations winingest coaches. Oh, and lets not forget that our David Greene accomplished the feat of being the winningest QB in ncaa history during that span as well.

    Florida has 1 10-win season since 2001 (the mnc year) and only 1 SECC (again, the mnc year). Yet they are building the dynasty.