Final Coaches Poll

USA Today has the ballots up for the final coaches poll here.

Unlike last year’s ballots, there’s nothing truly outrageous this time around to point at.

Richt has Florida and Bama first and second.   No coach gave Georgia a vote in the top ten.  On the bottom side, the Dawgs received two votes at 21st, one from Urban Meyer.

And the strangest thing Hal Mumme did with his (presumably) last regular season vote was to rank Texas Tech third.  That wasn’t even the highest ranking the Red Raiders received – Mike Leach voted his team second.


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15 responses to “Final Coaches Poll

  1. Heyberto

    That’s hilarious about Meyer. Does he not like Georgia enough to put us that far back? (dumb question, really) Is he just being honest? Does he do that now since his team really doesn’t need to prove strength of schedule? I really don’t like that guy.


  2. Eh, who cares. I’m kind of surprised he was generous enough to rank us at all.

    If Georgia’s not in a BCS bowl, or even in the running for one, it’s kind of hard to get too worked up about where specific coaches rank us. If we lay a hurtin’ on Michigan State, it’d be nice to finish in the top 10 again, but I wouldn’t bet any money that that’ll actually happen.


  3. Urban’s a maladjusted tool, and I still maintain he’s the Gary Williams of college football coaches, but I can’t blame him for ranking Georgia that low. Best course of action would be to just beat the snot out of his team next year.


  4. jaxdawg

    Agree with above – The best thing to do with Urban is to beat the living sht outta his team next fall. No gimmicks, just beat down.

    If we reeled off 8 in a row then maybe, just maybe, we could earn the respect of his highness and the Mullet Nation.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Look at where Meyer put Ole Miss, then draw your own conclusions.


  6. On the flip side, notice where Spurrier and Zooker voted the Gators.

    Spurrier is the only SEC coach voting who didn’t rank Florida #1.


  7. Leach was Mumme’s OC at Kentucky. Thus the very friendly vote.


  8. Stoops helped win Spurrier his MNC. Thus the nod there over Urban Meyer’s team.


  9. Dog in Fla

    Unfortunately for all of us, and especially for those of us who live in Florida, Coach Meyer and Gator fans don’t even think of Georgia as a worthy rival anymore.

    If you read what Meyer said about looking at special teams film of the opposition and then knowing from the discipline, or lack thereof, reflected in the special teams how easy or hard the opponent would be, it’s understandable why we get no respect. We haven’t earned it.

    UF fans know that we’ve got some excellent players. They think they’ve got the better coaching staff and that the “family” atmosphere of the UGA coaching staff is remarkably similar to what Bobby Bowden has at FSU which also happens to be not a worthy rival to UF anymore. So obviously, Gator fans aren’t complaining about our coaching staff just we didn’t want Tech to fire Gailey.

    All we are to UF is just another home game except that we, as visiting team, have an opportunity to buy half the tickets. We are probably better off going to Jacksonville each year rather than having to endure going to Gainesville every other year because the bowl construction of that stadium makes the noise level there seem twice as high as it does in Sanford.


  10. “Unfortunately for all of us, and especially for those of us who live in Florida, Coach Meyer and Gator fans don’t even think of Georgia as a worthy rival anymore.”

    Georgia went 11-2 last year, and finished 2nd in the nation. If it weren’t for a gentlemen’s agreement concerning non-conference-championship-winners (that the same shouting heads quickly dropped this season), Georgia would have played for the national championship.

    Florida went 9-4, lost to a crummy Auburn team at home, got spanked by Georgia (yes, Georgia), finished 5th in the conference, and did what noted global powerhouse Appalachian State was unable to accomplish- losing to Michigan.

    They can think whatever the hell they want.


  11. Coastal dawg

    I wish it were that easy D.N. Nation.

    The beat down we took this year is hard to get over. As I have said before the gators think Meyer is the second coming. He agrees and we didn’t do anything to prove him wrong.

    They think last year was a fluke and view us like we view tech. “Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while.”

    We had our chance to shut them up and win 3 of the last 5. Instead we got punked and have won one of the last 4.


  12. dan

    D.N. Nation they’re about to sandwich that season with national championships. So, yes they can think whatever the hell they want.


  13. “D.N. Nation they’re about to sandwich that season with national championships.”

    You and Mark Bradley sure have those chickens counted.


  14. I hate Florida. But if they get 2 national titles in 3 years, we are absolutely and utterly screwed as far as smack talk.

    Heck, winning one and playing for another in 3 years is still awesome. 😦

    And just for kicks, throw in 2 basketball national titles during the same 3 years.

    And with Yochlan retiring, there goes our only reliable national title producer.


  15. Ahh, hoops.

    07-08 Florida became the 2nd team ever to not make the NCAA tournament after winning the national championship.

    07-08 Georgia was the biggest major-conference Cinderella in the history of college basketball.

    You were saying? Yeah, we suck this year. So does Florida.