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Who’s the dean of SEC coaches now?

Raise your hand if over the summer you thought you’d see Fulmer and Tuberville ousted by their schools before year’s end.


UPDATE: Nick Saban weighs in. To the surprise of absolutely no one, he says it’s college administrators’ and the media’s fault.



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Stretching you from sideline to sideline

Quite simply, I am in awe of Smart Football’s Chris Brown.

Read this bad boy and tell me you aren’t, too.


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2008 Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 30, Week 14

Well, it looks as if the money boys were faced with Georgia Tech-Georgia again this week, they’d still lay their bets on the Dawgs to win.

Rank Team Rating Previous Notes
1 Florida 115.0 1 Title shot on the line in Atlanta.
2 Oklahoma 114.3 2 Shootout winner over Cowboys.
3 Southern Cal 113.5 3 Rival Bruins last Rose Bowl hurdle.
4 Texas 113.0 4 BCS snub!!!!
5 Penn State 110.5 5 Eyeing a date with the Trojans.
5 Alabama 110.5 6 Everything on the line vs. Gators.
7 Texas Tech 109.3 7 Barely got by Baylor.
8 Missouri 106.5 8 Knocked off by Kansas.
8 Ohio State 106.5 9 Back in BCS picture???
10 Georgia 105.0 10 Couldn’t hold off Georgia Tech.
11 Utah 104.8 12 Where do they end up????
12 Oklahoma State 104.7 11 Gave Sooners a battle.
12 Boise State 104.7 13 Another Bronco blowout.
14 Texas Christian 104.1 14 Solid season for Horned Frogs.
15 Oregon 103.6 16 Spoiled Beavers Rose Bowl plans.
16 California 102.9 15 Wrap up with Washington.
17 Mississippi 102.2 24 Houston Nutt – Coach of the Year???
18 Cincinnati 101.8 20 Comfortable win over Syracuse team.
19 West Virginia 101.6 17 Flopped in Pittsburgh.
20 Iowa 101.5 21 Waiting for post-season invite.
21 Arizona 101.4 22 Pay Sun Devils a visit.
22 Oregon State 101.3 18 Couldn’t keep up with Ducks.
23 Boston College 101.1 23 Hold serve at home over Maryland.
23 Florida State 101.1 19 Class difference on display against UF.
25 Pittsburgh 101.0 NR Two straight wins in the Backyard Brawl.
26 Nebraska 100.8 27 Beat Buffaloes in high scoring affair.
27 Georgia Tech 100.6 NR Beat Bulldogs in Athens.
28 Kansas 100.5 30 Nice way to end season.
29 Ball State 100.3 NR Now the MAC Championship.
30 Brigham Young 100.0 28 Waiting for an invitation.
30 Michigan State 100.0 28 Hoping to regroup in bowl season.

Georgia didn’t even drop in their rankings this week.  Neither did Missouri.  LSU and South Carolina finally left the building, though.

They’ve got the SECCG much closer than the official line, interestingly enough, as they project Florida to be a 4.5 point favorite over ‘Bama.

If the Dawgs wind up in the Cap One against Michigan State, these numbers suggest they’d be about a five point favorite.  Don’t everyone pull his/her wallet out at once…


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The OBC retools.

In what has to be one of the true WTF? decisions in recent SEC history, Steve Spurrier has added Woody McCorvey to his staff.

On Tuesday, Spurrier reached an agreement with former Mississippi State offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey to come in and coach receivers. McCorvey, who will coach in the bowl game for South Carolina, is a veteran coach with strong recruiting ties throughout the southeast. This is his second stint at South Carolina. He’s also coached at Alabama, Clemson and Tennessee.

You would think that the title “former Mississippi State offensive coordinator” would be the kiss of death for a guy whose offenses finished eleventh, twelfth, eleventh, twelfth and tenth in the SEC in total offense during his tenure, but it seems you’d be wrong.   Maybe Spurrier will take a page out of George Costanza’s playbook and do the opposite of what McCorvey advises.  Or maybe their agreement is that McCorvey is paying Spurrier to have a place on the staff.

And Spurrier may need to save the money to pay for a new defensive coordinator if Chris Low’s speculation about the coach to replace Croom at MSU plays out.  How ironic would that be?


UPDATE: As noted in the comments, somebody had second thoughts and the deal’s fallen through.


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Wednesday breakfast buffet

There’s always something good in the ‘Net neighborhood:

  • While this doesn’t explain everything that’s happened this year, as a Dawg fan, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little jealous about it.
  • The Weis abides.  And Fiutak writes one of the most embarrassing pieces in the history of college football punditry about it.  The topper: if Weis were better looking, he’d be cut more slack right now.  Maybe the Irish should hire Lane Kiffin’s wife.
  • Mack Brown may be looking ultimately for some AP validation when the dust settles.  Gary Danielson thinks the Big XII should have just circumvented the rules and let Oklahoma and Texas face off again in its championship game.
  • Right on, Orson.
  • Brian Cook may very well be correct when it comes to the BCS, but Dan Wetzel proves there are some really, really wrong answers.


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