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Today’s puzzler

From last night’s Bulldog Hotline, as faithfully transcribed by Jim from Duluth (who does yeoman’s work with this every week of the season), comes this quote from Richt about the kicking game:

… CMR – directional kick .. we were trying to kick to a spot. Richt said every team in the country is trying to kick to a spot. If you kick down the middle you’re asking for trouble. If we had a guy who could blast it out of the end zone, we’d do it…

Now, wait a minute.  I’ve listened to Kevin Butler on the radio after several games and he claims to be a regular at practices where he’s seen Walsh kick the ball deep into the end zone repeatedly.  And Walsh’s first kickoff of the season resulted in a touchback.  So what’s the story here – can he kick it deep or not?

By the way, near the end, catch the criticism Richt has of how the Big XII chose to send Oklahoma to the conference championship game.  Anybody think he feels the same way about how Georgia got to the SECCG in 2003?


UPDATE: Michael Elkon explores the dark side of using head-to-head games as tiebreakers.  Although I doubt he’s going to get much sympathy around these parts with the example he uses.



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Mumme Poll, Week 14

Eighteen teams received votes from the thirty seven ballots cast, which means we lost two more voters this week.


T1.    Alabama (37)

T1.    Oklahoma (37)

T1.    Texas (37)

4.      Florida (36)

5.      Southern Cal (26)

6.      Penn State (4)

7.      Texas Tech (2)

8.      Ohio State

9.      Utah

10.    Boise State

11.    TCU

12.    Oklahoma State

13.    Cincinnati

T14.  Ball State

T14.  Georgia Tech

16.    Boston College

17.    Missouri

18.    Mississippi



  • Georgia who?  I find it interesting that the Dawgs didn’t get a single vote, yet Missouri, which basically wet the bed in the same way that Georgia did, still got enough love to crack our top 18.  Maybe this is an example of bias in reverse.
  • Ohio State made an appearance on every ballot, but received zero top five votes.
  • On the other hand, Utah and Boise State received top five votes (Utah got more than Texas Tech did), but were left off of one or more ballots.
  • Two – count ’em, two! – ACC teams show up this week, along with one Big East team.
  • Southern Cal slowly but steadily picks up two or three more top five votes each week.
  • Very broad consensus on the ten best teams this week; after that, it spreads out pretty quickly.
  • Blogs talking Mumme Poll:  The Hobnail Boot; Runaround Sue’s; A Bulldog in Exile; Hunker Down Dawg.

Hard to believe, but next week will be our final regular season ballot of 2008.


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Baby, you’ve given me a reason to live.

For Steve Spurrier, the University of Tennessee football program is the gift that keeps on giving.

(h/t Doc Saturday)


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