“To walk your ass out of here is about as bad a deal as you could possibly do…”

With so much attention being paid to our orange-clad neighbors on the Plains, we may have been neglecting our urnge friends to the north somewhat.  It’s time to correct that.

It looks like between hiring relatives from the NFL and Steve Spurrier to fill his staff at UT, Lane Kiffin has seized the opportunity to use his new position to settle a few scores.

Lane Kiffin is still upsetting Al Davis, all the way from the University of Tennessee.

Kiffin hired away assistant offensive line coach James Cregg to join his staff in a role that hasn’t been announced by the school.

Cregg told interim head coach Tom Cable about his decision to quit with two games left after Sunday’s game — over the telephone.

If you’re thinking hmm… this Kiffin fellow comes off like a little prick, well, you’re not alone in that.

… Cable isn’t happy with Kiffin, noting the NCAA “dead period” begins in five days and Kiffin didn’t need to begin raiding the staff now.

One of Davis’ problems with Kiffin’s interest in the Arkansas job last year was that Kiffin wanted to take coaches on the staff with him.

Cable said he plans to speak with Kiffin about that the Cregg situation. Cable doesn’t know if this is just the latest in the Kiffin vs. Al Davis saga.

“You know, maybe it is,” Cable said. “For me, I got a lot of respect for him — had a lot of respect for him — and then to do this is ridiculous. It’s wrong. Wrong in this business, wrong in the business of coaching.”

That’s Cable’s first mistake:  for Kiffin and Al Davis, it’s pretty apparent that coaching is far more of a personal thing than a business one.  I can’t wait to see how that kind of attitude translates in Knoxville.

I’m pretty sure the funniest thing about this all is what the Raiders organizational flow chart must look like this year.  Cable, in addition to being the head coach, is also calling the plays and now coaches the offensive line, to boot.

But this is my favorite bit:

… Director of football development (and good Kiffin friend) Mark Jackson is also no longer with the team after speaking with Cable on Monday morning. Neither is Kiffin’s brother-in-law, Steve Reaves, who was fired.

Apparently Reaves was in charge of duties that included making copies.

Evidently no job is too small for a Kiffin family member.

Cables reaction upon being told to make copies for Al Davis

Cable's reaction upon being told to make copies for Al Davis


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11 responses to ““To walk your ass out of here is about as bad a deal as you could possibly do…”

  1. Hey man, in Tennessee if they ain’t good enough for they own, then they ain’t good enough for us.

    That’s true for football coaches, sheep, girlfriends and so forth.


    Of course, I am a Tennessee guy so I’m going to defend Kiffin, but I have a feeling the whole Kiffin vs. Bea Arthur … er … Al Davis thing runs very deep and will not be ending anytime soon. Then again, I don’t know that I can blame Kiffin considering–at least from his perspective–Davis stiffed him to the tune of a couple million dollars.

    Either way, it’ll give us “urnge” folk something ti write about.


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  3. That picture at the end with the caption slays me.


  4. If you’ve read HP this fall, you know that he’s tried to warn people. Money quote:

    “Kiffin is an excellent talent evaluator–that is his primary gift–but he is NOT a people person (one colleague of his once called him the worst in-house recruiter he’d ever seen) and was about as disliked as you could get as an assistant coach at USC.”


  5. cousinwalter

    That can’t be good. Tom Cable kind of looks like Richard Jewell.


  6. NebraskaDawg

    This is great for the Viles. You have a new coach who’s main focus is sticking it to his old team. My gosh he hired an assisstant OL coach to be an OC in the SEC. Time for the bloody axe watch, who gets it first: Chicklet or Kiff.


  7. Obviously, time will tell on whether the SEC coaching ranks have been upgraded from a skills perspective with the Auburn and Tennessee hires, but we’ve certainly gotten an upgrade in entertainment value.

    As a college football blogger, I feel blessed. 😉


  8. AceG8tr

    I was a little worried about the recruiting potential of having one of the best DCs in the NFL to brag about. Now I feel better. 🙂


  9. A little something to inspire…
    A New Tradition


  10. Dog in Fla

    And in the old school Oakland Raider tradition, Al Davis sentences Kiffin to 3 to 5 well-paid years in Knoxville.

    Leftcoasters don’t seem to last long in Tennessee. See, e.g., Norm Chow.