“Leave the petty stuff to the rest of us, Urban…”

I recognize that CFN’s Pete Fiutak is kind of up and down with his output.  One reason I like him, though, is that he tends not to take himself too seriously.  Another reason I like him is when he hits something right, he usually gets it really right.  Like this particular observation he has about the Shane Matthews/Urban Meyer spat in this piece of his definitely worth reading:

… Matthews actually had a valid point after the Ole Miss game, claiming the coaches didn’t take advantage of certain mismatches on offense. He wasn’t criticizing to be mean or vindictive; he was saying it out of love for his team and his beloved program. Being off-base would have been to criticize the team’s lack of effort and focus, but he didn’t have to go there. Tim Tebow took care of that for him and was immortalized for it with a plaque that hangs on Florida Field.

There really isn’t anything else to add to that, is there?  Unless you want to toss an “OH SNAP!” in at this point…



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6 responses to ““Leave the petty stuff to the rest of us, Urban…”

  1. NebraskaDawg

    When does Tim Tebow have to start buying tickets for 37F?


  2. RedCrake

    I think Timmy needs to have a discussion with Urban about forgiveness and turning the other cheek.

    Last time I checked that was pretty high up on the being like Jesus checklist.

    On the other hand, holding a grudge seems to be pretty high up on the being like Urban checklist.

    It’s a steel cage match for Tebow’s soul! The Prince of Peace vs. The Prince of Darkness. Jesus of Nazareth vs. Urban “Big Deal” Meyer. Are you ready to rumble???????


    • Dog in Fla

      Urban das Boot Meyer will be attacked by karma at a future undetermined date. Almost but not quite like Spurrier needling Danny Weurfel telling Danny he needed to be more of an Old Testament kind of guy. Don’t know what Danny is doing but Spurrier is already part way to Hell in Columbia, he just doesn’t know it yet.


      • digidy dawg

        I agree. I bet Spurrier never imagined that coaching in S.C. would be the equivilant of repeatidly knocking yourself in the head with a hammer. It all comes full circle. Corch Meyers will get his too. He just seems like a real spitful dickhead. I bet his wife & kids have to pack up & leave town in fear of cane pole lashings for a few days when they lose. But what do I know. Just an observation.


  3. Boo CFN

    Was it Fiutak or just CFN in general that likened The Dance at the Cocktail Party to all things wrong in society and an insult to modern visionaries like MLK and Ghandi, amongst others? I don’t remember because I stopped reading them for, among other things, taking themselves too seriously.